8 Easy Ways to Implement Your SMM Strategies in 2022

November 25, 2021
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SMM or Social media marketing could aid you in developing engaged audiences by allowing you to reach them where they spend most of their time – online. The right SMM strategies can bring potential customers, by generating various traffic streams and putting your company ahead of the 3.78 billion online users—nearly half of the world’s population.

social media strategies

Alternatively, it can be a daunting task that spreads you too thin. It can cause you to have an online presence that your target customers care too little about and be a time and money drain instead of the valuable resource that many businesses have seen it become.

The critical secret to getting better results from social media marketing is to have SMM strategies that maintain your activities’ focus and allows you to execute them without diverting your attention from your brand. But then again, with so many various channels to develop an online presence and the dedication it requires to maintain, beginning from scratch may be a challenging endeavor. That is why understanding what it is and how to create a winning social media marketing strategy is essential.

What are SMM Strategies?

SMM strategies list everything you want to do on your social media platforms and what you hope to accomplish. It directs your behaviors and tells you whether or not you are succeeding. A social marketing plan will help you see the overall picture of your SMM objectives and effectively achieve them.

Marketing Functions Social Media Marketing Meeting

Social media allows you to carry out cost-effective marketing, whether it is through ads or influencer marketing. Social media marketing can be used for a variety of marketing purposes, including:

  1. Increasing traffic and sales
  2. Using influencer networks as a resource
  3. Increasing brand recognition
  4. Creating a receptive audience
  5. Help in keeping in touch with consumers and prospects
  6. Offering customer support on social media platforms
  7. Measuring how people feel about your products and services

This is due to the fact that you have many social media channels to evaluate, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, your social media marketing strategy should be thorough to ensure that you get the most out of it.

Parts of SMM Strategies

Well-designed SMM strategies should have at least most of the following parts.

1. Goals. Your social media marketing strategy should have a list of the outcomes you expect from your activities. Your goals should be clear, precise, and measurable to know whether you are achieving them or not.

2. Target audience. You should be able to identify who you want to reach in your social media marketing strategy. You can do this by researching and defining your customers and potential clients.

3. Metrics. Metrics include the number of followers, likes, and comments, which can all be used to gauge your social media performance. It is essential to know which metrics you will be measuring in your social media strategy to have a clear data-driven strategy.

4. Content mixing. You need to know what kind of content you will share and how you will share it so as to have a thriving market on social media.

5. Social media platforms. There are multiple social media platforms, and not all can be good for pushing your business ahead. You need to know which channels are the best for your business so that you can focus on creating the best-suited content for those channels.

6. Infrastructure. You need to be aware of the best tools and processes you will need to run and successfully execute your social media strategy.

7. Growth and improvements. A crucial part of each and every social media marketing strategy is its growth and improvement t by adapting innovations and progressing with changes as time goes by.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The social media world is growing rapidly, with thousands of people joining different social media platforms each waking day. Most people spend a huge part of their time on one social media platform or another. Businesses can therefore take advantage of the rapid growth of social media by creating excellent social media marketing strategies to build their business by following the steps below.

facebook posting as part of SMM campaign

1. Select strategy goals that align with your business’s objectives

The number one and most important step towards creating winning SMM strategies is to come up with the goals and objectives of your strategy. These goals should align with and help your business achieve its objectives. Additionally, without setting goals, you will have no way of measuring your return on investments. The goals you set will help guide your actions and ensure that you get results.

The goals are supposed to be set in such a way that they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. In short, you need to form SMART goals for your SMM strategies.

Some goals you may consider for your strategy may include:
  • Increase brand recognition. Enhance the number of people who view your brand to increase the probability of the target audience seeing the content. Impressions, reach, shares, likes, mentions, or anything that shows a real person has read your content can be used to determine this.
  • Create loyal followers. Do not exaggerate your follower count through phony or bought followers. Instead, cultivate an engaged audience that likes to hear from you. Create a genuine community of individuals who love your products and share them with their family members. You can track this by looking at how many followers you have gained or lost over time or by checking your engagement rate.
  • Create a market for your goods. Get individuals interested in your goods or services by providing relevant inspiration or information, which can be tracked through website visits and comments or messages from potential buyers.
  • Offering good customer service. You can get questions, inquiries, or complaints from customers when you have a social media presence. As a result, one of your objectives should be to support clients or redirect them to a more private channel. One method to gauge this is to look at how quickly you respond to direct messages.
  • Create social proof. Obtain positive feedback or material created by customers and influencers that promotes your products and services that can be used in your marketing campaigns.
  • To build alliances and partnerships through networking. Connect with influencers similar to yours to get the maximum benefit from influencer marketing or co-marketing efforts.
  • Make a name for yourself by becoming a thought leader. You may use social media to join in conversations and steer them on the route you want them to go, thus establishing credibility for your goods and services.

2. Research your target audience

Having information about your target audience can help you gauge the type of content to post, when to post and how to engage them. As you research and learn about your target audience, you need to;

Build audience personas.

Your audience personas are going to give you a clear picture of their ages, location, and interests, among other things. It is crucial to understand your target audience and what they like seeing on social media. This way, you will be able to develop material that they will enjoy, comment on, and share. It is also necessary to convert your social media following into paying clients for your business.

You will be able to identify and connect with fans, subscribers, and clients on social media if you get to recognize and appreciate them as real individuals with real needs.

Gather Data.

Do not assume. Search for information on social media analyses on where your target audience is most likely to be. Taking your time to carry out thorough research will save you a lot of trouble.

One tool you can get your information from is social media analytics which can provide you with a ton of crucial data about your followers; who they are, where they reside, and how they connect with your business’s social media platform. These insights can provide relevant information to help you tweak your social media marketing strategy and reach your target audience better.

3. Gather information on your competition

One of the best ways to be successful in your business is to get ahead of your competition. There is a high chance that they are already on social media. As such, you want to know what they are doing so that you can do better than them. You can gather information about your competitors by:

– Conducting a competitive analysis.

Competitive analysis can help you figure out your competitors and what it is that they are good at. You will gain a clear feeling about what is required by your business, which will aid you in setting your social media goals. It will additionally assist you in identifying opportunities you can take advantage of that your competitors are not.

– Using social media listening.

Another technique to keep a close eye on your competitors is to use social listening. You can socially listen by conducting social media searches for your competitor’s firm name, social media account handles, and other relevant keywords. Discover what they are writing about themselves and what others are saying about them.

You may observe changes in the way they use different channels as you track. You might also notice a specific posting or marketing campaign that is good—or completely misses the mark. Use this information to help you develop a solid social media marketing strategy.

4. Carry out a social media audit

If you already have different social media platforms for your business, you need to carry out a social media audit to know what it is you have been doing so far and what needs to be changed and improved. Some questions you can ask yourself during a social media audit include;

  • What works and what doesn’t?
  • Who are the people engaging with you?
  • What social media platforms do your target customers use?
  • How is your social media presence stacked up against that of your competitors?

You will be ready to think about ways of improving your social media presence once you have gathered this information. Your social media audit must show you exactly what each social media account is for so that you can consider whether the account is worth keeping.

While carrying out your social media audit, you may also come across fake social media accounts that use your company or product names. These phonies can be detrimental to your brand besides the fact that they are stealing your followers. They should be reported. You may also want to have your accounts verified to ensure that your fans know your authentic accounts.

5. Set up social media accounts and improve profiles of existing accounts

Once you know where your target audience mostly hangs out when on social media, you need to set up social media accounts on those platforms. If you already have existing accounts, you need to improve the profiles to attract the followers you want. Ensure that the information on your profiles aligns with your social media marketing strategy goals and those of your business. This is a crucial step in your social media marketing strategy. You need to have a purpose for every social media platform you have an account in.

6. Source for inspiration

While it is crucial for your business brand to stand, you may still get ideas from others doing well on social media. Some places you can draw inspiration from include;

– Success tales on social media. These are frequently found in the business part of the social media site. Case studies can provide helpful information that you could use and apply to your own social media strategy.

– Your best brands on social media. You can get exciting material from the brands you follow on your social media. These brands can give you great ideas you can use to build your social media marketing strategy.

– Inquire from your followers. Social media inspiration might also come from customers. Listen keenly to what your primary clients are discussing on social media. Find out about their desires and requirements. You may even ask your followers directly what they want from you if you already have social media accounts. Be sure you follow through and provide what they have requested.

7. Work on your content

The content you post on your social media platforms is crucial as it attracts followers who are potential clients and stakeholders who can grow your business. Ensure that the content you make is aligned with your goals. When deciding the type of content you need to post, you have to have a content calendar. Creating a content calendar is essential as it will help you schedule your posts and post at optimal times. Some things to put in mind while you work on your content calendar include;

– Posting-frequency. For optimum results, you should not post too much or too little. When you post too frequently, you may annoy your audience. On the other hand, making a few posts will make you look like a joke to your followers.

– Mix up Content. Make sure you mix up your content. Do not focus on just one type of content. Engage your followers by using images, videos, and infographics in addition to written content. You should also make sure to post the right content for each platform. For instance, images do better on Instagram, while written content does better on blogs.

8. Keep track of your performance and change your strategy accordingly

The only way to know if your social media marketing strategy is working is by tracking your performance. Additionally, tracking your performance can help you figure out where you need to change your strategy to optimize it and get maximum benefits. You can do this by;

– Looking at performance metrics. You can keep an eye on a number of metrics such as followers, mentions, likes, and comments to track how your social media posts are performing online.

– Re-evaluating your strategy. Use the information you have to re-evaluate your strategy on a regular basis. This way, you can check what works and change the things that do not work for something different.

Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan

A social media plan defines your social media goals and how they fit into your entire SMM strategies. Once your marketing strategy is ready, you need to come up with your plan. To create your social media market plan, follow the blueprint below:

marketing campaign meeting

1. Choose your social networks.

Not all the social media platforms available can help you reach your goals in your social media marketing strategy. This is why you should choose the social networks you will be on wisely depending on their audience, the amount of time you can devote to social media, and the resources you have.

2. Fill out your profiles.

Make sure that the profiles on your social media accounts are entirely filled. A filled-up profile is a sign of professionalism, sound branding, and a sign to anyone visiting your page that you are serious about engaging with them. While filling out the profiles, aim for consistency and familiarity across all your social accounts, so people know who you are on whatever social media platform they engage with you in.

3. Find your unique voice and tone.

Your marketing voice and tone should stand out and describe your brand to your followers. Your brand’s voice and tone should tell your followers what personality your brand is. How you communicate to your followers is essential, and you should take the identification of a voice and tone seriously.

4. Identify your posting strategy.

Your posting strategy should tell you how many times you will post in a day, at what times you will make those posts, and the content of what you will post. The importance of having a posting strategy is to ensure that you can post when you can reach most of your target audience and fully engage with them.

5. Analyze and test your plan.

You need to check whether your plan is working by putting it to the test. The more you post, the more you will know the kinds of posts your followers like and the times that get maximum engagement from your follower.

6. Engage your followers and listen to them.

An essential part of your plan should involve engaging your followers. You can automate engagement by using tools such as Socialays, which will listen to your social media accounts for any replies to your posts, comments, and mentions to make sure you fully engage your followers without missing out.

Having SMM strategies plan out is an excellent way of ensuring that you meet your social media marketing strategy goals. The plan is to help you get to the goals you set out to meet in your strategy. Without a proper plan, your strategy may not work as well as it should since the plan ensures that you put the energy and effort in the right place.


Social media is a fast-paced environment. New platforms are formed while others undergo demographic changes. Change is bound to be a part of your company’s life as well.

This means that you should constantly update your SMM strategies on a regular basis. To remain on track, refer to it frequently and do not hesitate to alter it to reflect new goals you may come up with, tools, or plans.

Make sure to inform everyone on your team when your social strategy is updated so that they’ll be able to collaborate to help your company make the most of its social media accounts.

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