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September 7, 2022
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If you want to increase popularity and sales then advertise your online store on social media. This is especially true if you are a startup or a budding entrepreneur. Social media are environments where people communicate with each other over the internet and share a lot of information easily. These environments, which have grown even more with the spread of smartphones, have brought people incredibly close to each other regardless of time and place in recent years. This extraordinary situation has also affected the marketing field and new advertising space has been opened for brands.

Social media advertising aims to increase the demand for a product or service by promoting it. On the other hand, a brand is a phenomenon that determines the identity of products and services and distinguishes them from their competitors. Therefore, brands that use social media more effectively in their advertising strategies can reach customers faster and positively affect their decision process.

There are many benefits that make it easier for the brand to communicate with consumers by focusing on marketing and advertising management, differentiating the product, providing a competitive advantage, and legally protecting the product. With social media ads, brands can reach the desired target audience at the right time and in the right place. The return on this advertising investment is much more effective than traditional methods.

Therefore, brands attach importance to social media advertisements to promote their products or services. Thanks to effective social media ads, brands can highlight their products much more easily and reach their target audiences.

How to Advertise Your Online Store on Social Media?

It doesn’t matter whether your online store is new or old. You have to address your target audience correctly and reach them with the least cost. As a matter of fact, with the right approach, you can promote your online store better thanks to the social media channels that are open to the world. Here are some of the most effective ways to promote your online store through social media:

Strong Biography

You should write a clear biography that introduces you in the relevant places on your social media profile. Media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook generally allow a limited number of characters. That’s why you should use this limited space effectively and write a description to attract the user. Also, don’t forget to link your store in your bio or the link section of your profile. In this way, you will also contribute to the SEO work of your web store.


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Figure 2: Headspace’s strong branding shows even with simple advertisement

Effective Use of Hashtags

With the effective use of hashtags, you can make your social media posts stand out. Thus, you can enable users who are interested in the areas your store serves to see and interact with your store more easily.


One of the most important issues among users, along with social media sharing, is undoubtedly trusted. Users can evaluate whether you are a reliable store from the posts you make and the behavior you take. Therefore, always take care to manage your media with reassuring slogans.

Use Social Media Tools

Many different social media tools have emerged today to promote your online store with effective social media management. With tools with various functions, you can analyze user movements and take measures accordingly. You should also be wary of malicious users and not let this tarnish your brand. For this, you can use Socialays, one of the effective tools.

Socialays monitors your user comments by analyzing your posts on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. It allows you to analyze them by categorizing them as positive, negative, or neutral. In addition, it detects and hides unwanted or spam comments such as malicious comments, hate speech, and sexually explicit comments with its advanced artificial intelligence system. Thus, your posts will be under control safely. You can instantly access all the features through the panel, as well as view the hidden comments, change them positively or negatively or delete them completely. With these and similar social media tools, you can increase the trust of your brand and online store.

Make Quality Content

Quality content has always enabled a media profile to rise easily and become popular in a short time. In this case, you can stand out from your competitors by producing quality content about your online store, products, or services.


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A post shared by TOMS (@toms)

Figure 3: A cleverly designed Instagram post by Toms that gets the user moving.

Balance Visual and Text

To promote your online store with social media shares, you should set the visual and text balance correctly. The human brain perceives visual elements much differently and faster. Studies have shown that the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. However, 90% of the memorable information is visual. In addition, recent studies have shown that 65% of people have a visual memory. Based on these scientific data, you can include visual elements more effectively in your media shares accordingly.

Make Regular Posts

Social media platforms work according to a certain algorithm. Therefore, managing social media following these algorithms will make your online store stand out more easily among your competitors. You should create a specific sharing calendar according to the platform you are active on. The important point here is not to share too much all the time, but to have a regular and stable sharing calendar. Otherwise, it may result in negative results. For example, a study by Hubspot revealed that Facebook pages with fewer than 10,000 followers can drop 50% of engagement per post if they post more than one post per day. However, in the research, it was revealed that sharing should be done regularly, 3 times a week.

Use Instagram Store Actively

One of the best ways to promote your online store through social media is the store feature that Instagram has introduced in the past. Do not forget to upload your own products and detailed descriptions of these products to the Instagram store. You can tag your products in your posts about these products or services and allow your users to examine your products in detail.
From time to time, Instagram highlights the accounts of users or the pages of brands that use its new features to compete with Tik Tok and other competitors. The main ones among these features are short videos and Instagram store features. You can easily promote and highlight your online store with short videos (reels) that represent your brand well and visual posts where you tag your products.


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Figure 4: Use Instagram Store Actively

Effective Use of Social Media for Online Store Promotion

One of the most effective methods to advertise your online store on social media is undoubtedly effective social media management and advertising. Social media advertising is all kinds of advertising activities done on social networking sites on the internet. Accordingly, businesses take part in social media and announce their brands to large audiences. In this way, businesses aim to reach more customers and make their advertising investments in this direction. In social media, interactions with users can be easily measured by following up on advertising campaigns after creating them.

How to Do Social Media Advertising?

In social media advertising, it should be tried to reach this goal over time by setting certain goals. Social media ads include many different channels. These channels include social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Rather than taking part in all these social media platforms that I have mentioned, it will be beneficial for you to advertise by operating in a few channels suitable for your brand.

When choosing a Social Media Channel, pay attention to the following;

  • Your advertising objective and strategy.
  • To your target audience
  • To the location where you want the ads to be published.
  • Your budget for advertising spends

After choosing the digital channel you want to be in, you should use interesting quality videos and images to advertise your online store on social media. You can also increase interaction with a strong communication language by sharing understandable and original content. Sharing regularly so that users are aware of your products and services is one of the important issues in social media advertising.

Advantages of Social Media Advertising

Thanks to social media advertising, you can reach large audiences in a short time, this type of advertising basically aims at this. People, companies, and websites now spend almost all their budgets on social media marketing for product or service promotions. As a result, they can instantly advertise to their target audiences.

In digital marketing, there are many advantages to social media being so effective.

1. Easy Access:

Since social media advertisements enable to reach large masses, the promotion of products and services is made easier and faster.

2. Rapid Spread:

Since the number of advertisements is published more on digital channels, it is possible for an advertisement to reach millions of people during the day. It allows the masses to spread more quickly.

3. Low cost:

You can reach many people with a small budget. Social media ads are more suitable and effective than traditional marketing.

4. Measurable:

One of the most important benefits of social media advertising is determining how many people are reached. It allows you to analyze how an ad was reached, and how many people viewed and clicked on it.

5. Controllable:

In social media, you can change the target audience and content after advertising. It also allows you to manually set the timing of when the ad should be started and stopped.

6. Targeting:

You can determine which audience the ads will reach. You can choose your target audience according to the demographic characteristics of the users such as gender, age, and education level. In addition, it allows you to reach a more accurate audience by selecting the country, city, and district where the advertisement will be published, by making location-based targeting.

7. Identifying the Target Audience Effectively and Easily:

Another advantage of social media advertising is to identify the target audience effectively and easily. The important point when advertising on social media platforms is to choose the right audience. For this reason, social media applications, especially Instagram, have created various algorithms to determine the target audience. Thanks to the created algorithms, the target audience is determined quickly according to criteria such as age, taste, and occupation.

Effective determination of the target audience in social media advertising ensures that the brand uses its advertising budget correctly. Choosing the right target audience decreases marketing costs and ad expenses.  At the same time, it reaches the intended audience.

8. Creating Different Social Media Ads According to the Target Audience:

Another advantageous thing in social media advertising compared to other advertising strategies is the opportunity to create different ad types for each target audience. Thanks to the target audience analysis of social media applications, brands can publish different ads according to age range, profession, etc. In this way, brands have the opportunity to create advertisements in accordance with the taste of every person in the audience they are addressing.

9. Performing Performance Analysis of Advertisements:

Thanks to social media advertising, brands can perform a performance analysis of social media advertisements they publish on social media. Social media applications automatically present social media advertisement analysis data to users as well as target audience algorithms. For example, brands can easily view how many people in how many hours the ads they publish on Instagram reach. This is the perfect opportunity to check the ad’s effectiveness.

10. Increasing Social Media Engagement:

One of the ultimate advantages of social media advertising is to increase social media engagement. High engagement in your brand’s social media accounts means that your potential to reach new users through social media increases. For this reason, choosing social media platforms as advertising channels will be the right move in terms of interaction.

Social media advertisements have a great impact on institutions, individuals, and brands. Therefore, when you advertise your online store on social media and promote your products and services to large audiences on social networks, you gain new customers and get ahead of your competitors.

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