Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Social Networking

February 9, 2022
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Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence has slowly started taking center stage in every aspect of our lives. Artificial intelligence is actively used in different fields including industrial, space technologies, information processing as well as the health sector.

Perhaps one of the most common applications of artificial intelligence is in social networks. Artificial intelligence is used in data gathering and many companies who obtained this information used it in their marketing campaigns. In this article, we will discuss the use of artificial intelligence in social networks.

artificial intelligence and networking

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a system or machine that imitates human intelligence. It performs given tasks (which are also called commands) and can continuously improve itself according to the data they obtain. The most common examples are seen in automation systems, such as chatbots and smart assistants. The systems contain automatic responses based on certain rules, such as bidding engines. While this is the case, we can see artificial intelligence applications effectively in today’s social media and in the social networking world.

Social media is a broad framework that allows people to communicate and interact with each other. Approximately 4 billion people around the world actively use and interact with social media networks. It is an inevitable fact that one will see increased usage of artificial intelligence in this field. Artificial intelligence aims to provide a better social media usage experience to businesses and individuals in the social media field.

Artificial Intelligence is a field related to highly hardware-enhanced thinking and big data analysis skill and transaction process. This makes it possible for the AI to evaluate and respond to the data.

Artificial Intelligence technology does not consist of multi-purpose, human-like robots that have taken over the world. It is not designed and created to replace humans. AI technology is designed to improve human skills and contributions, increase life comfort, and achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

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Impressive Cases for Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

The functioning of social media platforms is based on a system that works entirely with machine learning and thinking. The artificial intelligence algorithm stores the habits of each individual user (the pages they like, the content they interact with, the profile and pages they visit, and even the websites they visit outside of these platforms) and creates a user profile for each individual through this data. Thanks to the artificial intelligence in social media, the algorithm knows what you like and therefore what you want to see in the future and offers you relevant content in this context as a priority.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media platforms you can think of are based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Every post you come across, every friend suggestion, and an advertisement showed is according to your activities on social media.

The artificial intelligence algorithm of social media collects information about you and recognizes you in order to serve you better. This information is not limited to which websites you visited. Where you live – down to your street address – your phone number, e-mail address, who your relatives and family members are. Personal and private information – your religious belief, financial information, etc. – are all collected by AI algorithms.

In today’s world, media platforms offer AI to their users in many different ways. In this way, artificial intelligence allows social media users to have a better user experience. Here are some examples of them:

1. LinkedIn and Bright

Bright, a company acquired by LinkedIn in 2014, is a job search initiative. It provides the best job-candidate matching service to bright users based on artificial intelligence technologies. To do this, of course, it applies the machine learning method. LinkedIn provides companies the ability to hire the right candidate while giving candidates an opportunity to job match. While LinkedIn does this based on past recruitment models, Bright also uses artificial intelligence technology, resulting in its success.

2. Pinterest & Corner

Pinterest recently acquired a data software company called Kosei that specializes in personalized recommendation modeling. This means Pinterest can now define object recognition to increase pins and product recommendations. This means more relevancy to users and spam users/content have limited access to the content.

This, when paired with Pinterest’s Image Graph, will allow for image and search recognition tailored to the individual Pinterest user.

3. Chatbots

Automation is something I’ve been talking about lately because it’s such a powerful way to connect with potential customers. It also allows you to manage your time more effectively. People are missing the prominence of machine learning, a prime example of why Chatbots are the future of customer service. As humans, we do get tired easily and this affects our ability. Machines don’t. Chatbots provide the right support based on patterns and behavior as well as help get customer service solutions faster.

Facebook introduced a Chatbot-like feature, that uses prerequisite phrases to start a conversation for those who need customer support.

4. Facebook Face Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Facebook has developed a facial recognition tool that makes it easy to tag a person in a picture within it. It is also looking for ways to increase the reach of businesses based on a user’s activities. Examples such as entering a hotel, restaurant, or street store and uploading a photo of that location. Facebook then uses its AI algorithm to offer the user a real-time discount or a special offer to do so.

data analytics and artificial intelligence

Things to Use Social Media Platforms for Your Business

You have to implement many different strategies to develop your social media audience and retain your existing audience. You can strengthen your social media with strategies such as quality social media content and social media participation. In addition, you can use your social networks effectively with various social media tools based on artificial intelligence technologies. Today, corporate companies, brands, startups, or businesses can reach their target audiences in the easiest way through social media networks. These media tools allow you to serve your followers the best way, help keep the target audience, and increase your followers. Examples of these tools are:

 Facebook Business is another tool that both personal and business users can use. Thanks to this tool, businesses can use both social media profiles effectively. In addition, businesses can easily manage their social media and check out data insights provided by the social platform.

Socialays is an AI-based social media assistant that one can use to manage Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook. Thanks to Socialays, businesses can categorize the comments they receive from their followers on social media as positive, negative, and neutral. This will help the business to analyze which content followers react to the most. Socialays also prevent spam comments, ad comments, or unwanted malicious comments on content.

  • Targeted Advertising Tools

 By using targeted advertising tools, you can highlight your business on social media with a doping effect. Social media tools analyze your target audience very well and enable you to reach the audience you want to reach in the easiest and fastest way. You can reach the audience who is most interested in your services and products with targeted advertising activities in the best way.

  • Monitoring social media accounts

It processes text data found on social media and performs sentiment analysis to determine sentiment towards a company or brand based on keywords found in user comments. And it does this automatically.

WordStream is an AI-based social media tool that analyzes campaign ads of companies using machine learning technology. This helps users to improve their performance, evaluates PPC ads, and it offers data-based recommendations. Regardless of small or large, it offers effective solutions in the advertising marketing of many businesses.

Pattern89 works great for targeting followers and adjusting campaign budgets. It helps makes advertising campaigns easier by suggesting channels, allocating budgets, optimizing bids easier and more effective for marketers, and offering various suggestions.

Based on artificial intelligence technology, Linkfluence is a media analysis tool for analyzing social media channels in general and evaluating followers. Based on the data provided by this tool, you can more easily identify your target audience, obtain social information, and prepare various types of content according to the recommendations provided by the tool. In addition, you can easily learn and evaluate exactly where your brand is in the sector and market you are targeting. It evaluates data flow and helps position your brand and social media accounts accordingly.

In the social media world, perhaps one of the tools you will need most for your business will undoubtedly be Cortex. Cortex is a customer-targeted visual suggestion tool that shapes your content based on the target audience. As a matter of fact, this tool, based on artificial intelligence technology, shows you what kind of content you can produce for your target audience. You can also use this analysis tool for detailed competitor analysis.

 It is an artificial intelligence-based social media analysis tool that provides important analysis modules for social media accounts such as advanced content flow tracking, monitoring dashboard, and marketing dashboard. Socialbakers allow you to monitor in detail how social media posts appear on all platforms and to access various statistical data. It also allows you to schedule your shipments using an intelligent system. Socialbakers, which was briefly acquired by Astute solutions in September 2020, later signed a new company called Emplifi with Astute solution in June 2021. Emplifi serves as an audax-powered Customer Experience platform.

 It is a popular artificial intelligence-based social media management tool that allows you to prepare social media posts for the target audience. HotSpot is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. You can easily create posts, write text and make various customizations, and you can also edit the meta text and title as you wish.

 Considered an automatic social media platform, this tool is one of the most preferred platforms for community management. In this artificial intelligence-based social media tool, you can write automatic replies or tweets to respond to your followers and customers. In addition, you can manage your messages from a single place thanks to the control panel provided by the tool.

Social media is a huge world that serves its users as an indispensable tool in today’s world. In this world, brands, businesses, and companies can only expand their customer portfolio and reach their target audiences with the right tools. In order not to fall behind in this world, you can start working with the right tool for you right away.

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