Boost Your Brand’s Organic Following on LinkedIn in 2021

October 21, 2021
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Many businesses are looking for ways to increase their organic following. Organic following or “organic reach” is a way of reaching customers or viewers without any outside intervention or marketing campaigns. Many businesses and marketers, for example, are joining LinkedIn to get connected to different networks or connections on the platform. With up to 722 million users from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is an incredible way to generate leads and drive organic traffic to your website.

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However, to grow your LinkedIn company page followers, you need to follow the right steps. Here we’ve created a detailed guide to increasing your brand’s organic following:

The Basic Requirements For Running A LinkedIn Page

Boost your organic following on a LinkedIn page by following these simple steps:

Update Your Profile Appropriately

There are no rules to posting on LinkedIn. Typically, content strategies and ways to attract your audience can vary from business to business.

These are a few quick steps that you must follow:

  • Avoid posting more than once per day which can cause a drop in engagement and performance
  • Keep a file of social media content ideas for reference
  • Posting at least two to five times per week

To Gain Organic Following – Post Valuable and Relevant Content

What’s more important than posting regularly is to post high-quality, valuable content. Make sure you post educational, engaging, entertaining, or insightful content- or a combination of these.

Integrate Links within Your Website

Adding links to your website is critical for setting up and enhancing your social media presence. There are many widgets and plug-ins you can choose from to direct visitors to your LinkedIn page.

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Key Points To Keep in Mind About LinkedIn’s Algorithm

Here we discuss the top tips to remember when trying to score high in LinkedIn’s algorithm:

  • Your main goal should be receiving thoughtful comments, especially if you want to boost your organic reach. LinkedIn appreciates comments since they add more value to your content and help your profile become a Content Powerhouse. As a result, most people ask questions and link in comments.
  • Another incredible way of enhancing your organic following or reach is by receiving shares and likes.
  • LinkedIn’s primary goal is to become a Content Powerhouse. So, they push forward people who engage and contribute content on LinkedIn. Posts including links to other websites tend to perform better.
  • Keep in mind that interactive posts perform the best. Be sure to post texts with carousels, images, etc.
  • Receiving engagement within the first hour plays a crucial role in determining how well your content will score on LinkedIn. Make sure you post new content whenever your followers are most active. Your LinkedIn Insights will provide you with data about which country your followers live in.

Top Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Organic Following on LinkedIn

Here you’ll discover the best ways to grow your content on your LinkedIn brand page organically:

Make Your Content More Readable and Memorable

If you’ve just published your LinkedIn page, you can easily have your page running in no time. To improve the page engagement, you should post at least twice or thrice a day. This would make your page active and visible to the newsfeed and as such attract more visitors increasing your organic following.

Make sure your content is valuable, readable, and memorable by:

  • Adding images of individuals, whether it’s you, your employees, partners, or clients
  • Be sure to comment back to increase visibility and establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Cover industry topics
  • Ensure your content is personable and relatable
  • Include colorful and catchy infographics and statistics
  • Make the most of your headline
  • Publish tightly written content that’s relevant and helpful

Publish Articles to Establish Yourself as a Thought-Leader

LinkedIn is a pool of C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, and other decision-makers. These viewers search for original, valuable, and insightful content that helps them expand their knowledge base.

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To captivate their attention, you need to publish attention-grabbing content about industry news, the latest market trends, and so on. In fact, in-depth research reveals that 88% of business decision-makers believe that thought leadership content plays an integral role in uplifting the perception of a brand.

However, only 17% of those surveyed rated the quality of thought-leadership content as ‘excellent.’ Capitalize on this gap by publishing articles that are useful, well-researched, and insightful to attract your target audience. Apart from publishing articles and long-form posts, you can post micro-sized information that resonates with your audience.

Know and Grow Your Audience

Access your LinkedIn Page Analytics to see detailed and aggregated data to learn the demographics and traits of your visitors and followers via your website or mobile app. It’s also a great way to determine which posts and updates drive the most engagement.

With this valuable data, you can focus on optimizing your content for effective audience alignment. You’ll also be able to post content your viewers enjoy.

Activate Your People

Part of growing your brand’s organic following on LinkedIn is knowing that your employees are your biggest assets. Start by encouraging your employees to keep their profiles up-to-date and polished with your organization’s name and link in their work experience.

Here’s a four-step blueprint for elevating your employees on LinkedIn:

  • Share your employees’ best posts, @mentions, and other relevant content
  • Notify your employees about your most important posts to enhance organic reach
  • Personalize by recognizing and sharing team moments, as well as your employees, with a shout-out
  • Engage with team members by boosting internal engagement by using the ‘My Company Tab.’

Stream with LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn’s new ‘LinkedIn Live’ feature is an excellent way of boosting your organic reach. In fact, insightful research by LinkedIn reveals that live videos garner seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments. Plus, LinkedIn Live supports a wide variety of third-party broadcasting tools that operate similar to Facebook, Instagram, and other live stream platforms.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, LinkedIn Live videos can help improve your reach, especially for community building. In addition, LinkedIn Live is the perfect way to migrate live events that might be difficult to pre-record.

If you’re planning to conduct a recurring segment, consider going live at a fixed time every week or two. Create a consistent schedule to make it easier for your audience to find and engage with your live content.

Collaborate with LinkedIn Influencers

The main goal of collaborating with other LinkedIn influencers is to display your content to their audience. In doing so, you should convince them to engage with your content and start following you.

In theory, it’s similar to leveraging your employees’ network to boost your following. However, keep in mind that an influencer’s reach is comparatively larger than your employees unless they are an influencer too.

Although LinkedIn boasts its own official influencer program that includes Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, and many more, it’s not your only option. There is an array of other experienced and influential LinkedIn users missing from the list. Consider connecting and engaging with these users.

Make sure you collaborate with an influencer whose audience’s profile matches your target audience. No matter if it’s a micro-influencer, you’ll find that both are equally effective.

Additionally, there are several ways you can collaborate with LinkedIn influencers, from co-writing an article, producing a webinar, tagging each other in posts, and much more.

Respond to Comments

Part of running a LinkedIn profile page is to encourage interaction with your community. Consider asking questions and responding to comments in a timely fashion to engage in two-way conversations.

Observe your company’s social media guidelines and seek opportunities to come across as a warm and friendly person by referring to the viewer by their name. Or you may add emojis and GIFs to your comments.

Run a Dynamic Ad Follower Campaign

Running a follower ad campaign is a great way to enhance your outreach. You can achieve this in two ways:

By Using the Follower Ad Format in a Brand Awareness Campaign

This option displays a personalized ad to your targeted members. The ad features your brand’s logo and name alongside your profile picture with a Follow button.

By Running an Engagement Campaign

LinkedIn offers you the option to add a ‘Follow Button’ to different Engagement ad formats. It includes single image ads, video ads, and carousel image ads instead of the standard, boring follower ad format.

Another plus of selecting another format is that follower ads typically don’t show up on mobile. Thus, by running an engagement campaign, you can reach more prospects.

Analyze Your LinkedIn Posts to Identify and Model Top

As a social media manager, your primary focus should be to improve brand awareness and engage with your viewers through personalized content and interactions. However, it’s impossible to drive organic results for your brand without knowing your audience.

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LinkedIn Page Insights and Your Analytics page provide you with monthly engagement metrics for your posts, as well as updates, reach, and engagement. Here’s how you can use your LinkedIn analytics:

  • Analyze who is engaging with which posts to refine your top posts to offer similar content
  • Use content suggestions to measure your post’s popularity and level of interaction. It helps determine what content you should feature next
  • Add a tracking code to your links to identify what traffic you are driving to your website via your LinkedIn page

Promote Your LinkedIn Profile on Social Channels

Promote your LinkedIn profile on other social media channels in creative ways. For instance, you may publish specific content on your LinkedIn profile.

Next, you may record a live video on Instagram or Facebook telling them about a particular resource on your LinkedIn profile. Be sure to add the link to your profile in your bio.

Include a Call-to-Action on Your Posts

Once you’ve successfully grabbed your audience’s attention, you need to make the most of the opportunity. No matter if your main goal is to drive downloads, revenue, or leads, to encourage your consumer base to do something.

LinkedIn Pages that include links experience 45% higher follower engagement than updates lacking links. In addition, consider customizing your CTA’s using different options such as contacting your company directly, inviting members to register for an event, and much more.

Grow Your Brand’s Organic Following by Using Socialays

Another excellent way of boosting your brand’s organic following is by using Socialays. The innovative platform reads your comments, analyzes them, and helps ensure your content effectively communicates your points.

Here are a couple of ways Socialays helps you grow your following:

  • This state-of-the-art tech includes a ‘Sentiment Analyzes’ that auto-categorizes comments as ‘positive,’ ‘negative,’ and ‘neutral.’ It also categorizes them into 9 categories, including hate, happiness, worry, and fun, surprise, and so on. It helps you reply appropriately and get the right message across
  • Socialays detects questions, as well as spam and ad content so that you can take the necessary actions promptly
  • You can add custom settings like hiding comments that include hate or profanities to ensure a positive community

What are the Benefits of Growing Your Following on LinkedIn?

Let’s discuss the top benefits of actively managing your company’s LinkedIn profile to grow your organic following:

B2B Networking

LinkedIn helps you connect with the ideal suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and much more. The platform aims to connect companies, people, and pages with similar interests.

Thus, networking with the right people boosts your chances of finding the right partner. With LinkedIn, you can simply send a couple of InMails to a list of vendors and suppliers.

Another plus of using LinkedIn is getting a closer look at your desired vendor’s online presence. This way, you can better understand a company’s profile rather than just speaking with a representative on the phone.

B2C Networking

Brand building and creating your brand image are integral for a successful and effective business plan. With a well-managed and high-quality LinkedIn profile where you post often, you can build your brand, increase likeability, and boost brand awareness.

It’s also an incredible way of building trust among your customer base by posting relevant, engaging, and timely content. Your brand allows you to identify with your current and future customers, and LinkedIn helps you shape your brand image.

Moreover, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to promote new services and products without using traditional advertising campaigns. Instead of investing in expensive ad campaigns, you can generate buzz on social channels. This alternative is flexible, affordable, and in your control.

Lead Generation

Make the most of your social network through networking by optimizing your account profile and your company page, as well as posting unique and helpful content.

Building a coherent and focused brand image helps you generate organic leads to connect with new people on LinkedIn. It combines the best of both worlds, word-of-mouth lead generation and showcasing your profile to your customers to attract potential prospects.

Bottom Line

LinkedIn is an incredible platform to build your business and increase your organic following. It allows you to share valuable content with like-minded people and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Besides, investing time and energy to optimize your profile and grow your organic profile can take you a long way.

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