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May 19, 2022
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Videos on social platforms increases dramatically in the past few years and there is a noticeable change in marketing campaigns. Traditional print or media advertisements have been replaced by videos on social media. Social media video content production plays an important role in increasing interaction and conversions in social media marketing efforts. Brands started to focus on video content production to get more effective results on social networks. Of course, it is not always easy to produce video content in social media marketing studies. This can be difficult, especially for small companies or companies that have just entered the sector.

Videos on Social Platforms

Videos on social platforms have been around for a long time with the development of social media platforms. However, today, when you browse any social media platform, you can see that the brands and businesses you come across are competing for video content sharing. This landscape we see on social media shows us that video marketing is becoming increasingly important on every platform. On YouTube alone, over 1 billion hours of content are watched every day. This means that people love watching video content and brands are turning to producing video content.

Content creator editing video footage in studio


Video Content Offers Brands the Opportunity to Tell a Story

Video content provides an opportunity for brands to tell a story before perhaps getting to the point of selling a product. Framing communication as a story helps establish an emotional connection that can have a significant impact on keeping your audience engaged. By communicating through storytelling, brands can combine their messages with entertaining and informative content, so that audiences are more likely to dedicate their time to watching the content offered.

Video Content Increases Your Brand’s Credibility

With video content, brands can show their target audiences and potential customers exactly who they are, what they stand for, and where they are going. Video content is an extremely effective way for brands to showcase their personalities on social platforms, reframe existing narratives, and even reposition themselves as brands. In addition, brands that produce video content for their target audience, instead of randomly sharing images on social platforms, emphasize that they give importance to their target audience.

It’s Easier to Explain Everything in Videos

You can share everything you want to share with your target audience in a much easier and more impressive way with video content. The problem with text-based content can be that not everyone can grasp it easily. In addition, people also need visual cues to help them understand information about your products and services, so video content is a great choice.

creating videos on social platform Youtube

For example, if you plan to sell something to your target audience, you need to make explainer videos. This is because people would rather follow the guides you provide than read them. People would rather watch a short, explanatory video than read paragraphs of text.

Video Content Increases Reach

When a video content you share on any social media platform attracts people’s attention, your video will be shared with others and viewed more, so you can easily trend and reach your target audience easily. This is free promotion for your brand and can significantly increase your reach. According to Buffer, videos get more engagement than images and text, which means more visibility for your brand.

Also, if you have caught a user’s attention with any of your video content, the user is likely to visit your page, other social media profiles, and your website. Because with your video content, you will attract the attention of users and arouse their curiosity.

Another issue to be aware of is that the target audience is changing. Generation Z now makes up 40% of all consumers and is not influenced by traditional advertising channels such as billboards and television. Instead, they are used to consuming content through social channels and spending the majority of their time on social platforms. According to research, a consumer from generation Z spends an average of 3.4 hours watching videos. This is a real window of opportunity for brands looking to capture an audience that has been hard to reach until now.

Videos Increase ROI

Video content is one of the most important tools you can use to increase your income. When you have a product video on your social media page, your target audience’s chances of converting into leads increase significantly. When you create explainer videos about your brand, products, or services, consumers are more likely to buy them and engage with your brand.

How to Create an Effective Video Content Distribution Strategy?

After creating your video content that can best represent your brand, the next thing you need to do is undoubtedly the video content distribution strategy. If you do not create the right video content strategy by aiming to reach your target audience, you will not get the results you expect from the work you do. For this reason, you can use video content distribution services where your target audience is concentrated, and in this way, you can easily expand your customer portfolio. You can create a distribution strategy for your video content in two important ways:

1. Digital media channels
2. Social media channels

Digital Media Channels

People prefer to watch a video rather than read an article about a product or service. Unlike traditional marketing, you can distribute your video content effectively and reach your potential customers easily by using various digital media channels.

• Website

According to research, 70% of buyers look for information about a product or service by researching it in detail before purchasing it. At this point, websites are a very effective channel. You should anticipate the questions that your target audience is curious about and what they want to learn, and accordingly, you should make video content on your website where they will have detailed information about the products or services. The first step in the distribution strategy of your video content starts with placing these videos on your website. Even if your visitors have entered your site as a result of a certain query, you can start to direct users with the studies and arrangements you will make.

Embedding video content on your website will be an extremely beneficial strategy not only for users but also for your site’s search results. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex give more prominence to sites with the video content in the search queries of users. Considering this, you can make your site and video content more prominent with descriptive and SEO-friendly video descriptions. This way, you can improve your site’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The duration of the video content you add to your site is also a very important parameter. Doing search engine optimization (SEO) will help your company in ranking higher on search engine results. Among the SEO parameters, the time users spend on your site is one of the factors that make your site stand out. Therefore, as your video content that you publish in a way that attracts the attention of the user is watched, your site ranking will improve, which means that you will be more likely to appear in Google search results.

• Landing Page

You can spread your video content effectively with the landing page you publish on different platforms for the campaigns you make about your products or services. Not only that but also the landing page on your website, and the video content works you do here play a big role in the recognition of your product, service, and brand. According to a study conducted by the digital media organization EyeView Digital, landing pages made to attract the attention of visitors provide an 86% increase in recycling. There are certain elements that you should pay attention to in the video content you place on the Landing Page. Your videos should be designed following the product or service you are promoting.

• E-Mail

Email marketing has never lost its effectiveness and marketing power since its inception. In this context, combining video content with e-mail marketing would be a very smart marketing method. It is possible to easily market your products and services without boring the user with explanatory, entertaining, and short video content instead of pages-long articles. According to a study conducted by Syndacast, the use of video in e-mails sent to users and at the same time chanting in the header ensures that the mail is opened by 19% and clicked at the rate of 65%. Likewise, in a survey conducted by another research company, GetResponse, it was seen that adding a video to the mail body can increase click-through rates by 96%.

Videos on Social Media Channels

Social media channels are the most important channels where video content is consumed the most and popular among users today. Although Youtube comes to mind when it comes to video content, applications such as Instagram and TikTok are also extremely effective and have a large audience.

social media creator doing podcast and videos for social platforms

While there are short and impressive videos in applications such as TikTok and Instagram, there are longer and more informative videos on platforms such as Youtube. Therefore, you should deliver your video content to your target audience according to the media platform your audience uses most. As a matter of fact, according to a study by HubSpot, social media users have revealed that they like short, informative and at the same time entertaining videos much more.

• Youtube

When it comes to video content, the first thing that comes to mind is Youtube. The world’s largest video content platform. You can easily share entertaining and informative videos about your brand on YouTube. The video-sharing platform with more than 2 billion users. The algorithm of the platform is truly fascinating because it proposes videos according to the movements and interactions of the users, as a result of this process, the user suddenly finds himself in the YouTube vortex. Therefore, the video content you share here should attract users to your website or social media accounts.

• Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that has the capacity to rival YouTube. This platform is one of the first in today’s social media world, and in many ways, it has a quality to rival other platforms. According to TechCrunch’s research, 2 billion users view an average of 8 billion daily, and most of these views are content in video formats. While every post was in video format on YouTube until recently, this logic has changed with the latest updates. On the other hand, Facebook has always been a social media platform with a wide variety of post types such as video, image, and text. In addition, researches show that 95% of interactions made by Facebook users are mobile and most of the views are video formatted content.

In addition, 85% of video content is watched without sound and with subtitles, so it would be a very smart strategy to distribute the video content you make for your business with subtitles on a Facebook channel.

• LinkedIn

Along with the latest innovations and updates, LinkedIn has given much greater importance to video format content. The LinkedIn network is made of global users, who adopt the updates and actively use them in a short time. In addition, publishing your video content on LinkedIn will be the biggest support for growing your business. The network is composed of professional connections that help you reach potential customers, and establish new partnerships.

• Instagram

Instagram, is one of the most active and largest social media platforms. Recently, it developed advanced media features that make it possible to share video content of various lengths and formats. It has crowned its efforts with Instagram Reels videos. The Reels serve its users with various innovations such as a 15-second story, 60-second video, and IGTV. It is a network where you can reach your potential customers – young and old. In addition, the analytics helps you learn what content your audience likes the most. This is by analyzing the comments of your followers using an artificial intelligence-supported tool such as Socialays. In this way, you can know your target audience very well and organize your video content accordingly.

10 Social Media Video Ideas to Help You Build Your Brand

Social media platforms have now evolved to support posting videos in a wide variety of ways. Users make and publish effective videos using applications such as TikTok and Instagram in many different ways. You can also produce video content in various ways to grow your business and appeal to your target audience. Here are some social media video ideas for you.

african lady content creator doing selfie and video on her Social Platform


1. Promotional Videos on Social Platforms are popular

As the name suggests, businesses can easily promote their products or services with promotional videos. Such videos are very helpful in simplifying ideas or trends that are quite complex for users.

Promotional videos aim to explain something clearly to the audience. Popular promotional videos are designed to educate, inspire, and in some cases mobilize audiences. For this reason, you can shoot detailed promotional videos about your brand and provide access to more people.

2. How To – Guide Videos on Social Platforms

How-to and Guide videos are classified as online instructional videos and appeal to a large segment of social media. These videos are simple and explain how to use the product. Most popular playlists include how-to-guide videos. You can promote something general, or you can show the lifecycle of a product.

How-to and Guide videos are popular with viewers as it helps them understand the product. Additionally, it allows them to learn how to use the product efficiently.

3. Interview and Q&A Videos on Social Platforms

Interview and Q&A videos are one of the most helpful video types on the way to build your brand, as they are videos that interact directly with the user. You can convey to your customers what you need to know about your brand through the Q&A you prepared. In addition to the questions, you can shoot a QA video consisting of questions that your customers are wondering about. In this way, you can show that you are in professional work.

4. Behind the Scenes Videos on Social Platforms

Behind-the-scenes videos show customers how products are conceptualized and prepared for market release. These types of videos are great for showcasing your brand culture and getting to know the people behind your brand. By shooting such videos, you can build trust with your customers and strengthen your connections with your target audience.

5. Creating Challenge Videos on Social Platforms

Challenge videos are based on the act of a participant recording himself using a popular challenge method. The person will then ask viewers to try the challenge. Once they did, they can share the content on social media platforms and tag other people. You can shoot challenge videos about your brand and ask your customers or collaborators to try them.

6. Summary Videos

Summary videos convey a topic to the users in the form of a summary, by the people presenting the video. You can easily present the products of your brand through summary videos and keep your customers informed.

7. Game Videos

Game videos are an ideal way to capture new customers or if you just want to engage your followers. You can create game videos for your brand. This will attract more attention from your customers. By preparing games suitable for your brand or playing ready-made games, you can have fun with your customers.

8. Live Broadcasts

The live broadcast is different from videos as you can record the “live show” and post it later on social media. These are products that contain more speech, performance, or virtual events. Important announcements or breaking news are shared during a live broadcast as more people tune in.

You can open live broadcasts to promote your brand or products. You can also instantly answer your customers’ questions and inform them. Live broadcasts are simpler than actual video shooting. You can provide the necessary information more easily and get the necessary audience interaction or engagement.

9. Review Videos

Review videos are based on satisfying the curiosity of the followers by trying the products that the video creator likes. You can shoot review videos for your brand or products and give your customers an idea about your products.

10. Comparison Videos

Comparison videos are mostly videos based on comparing two or more products. You can compare your brand or products with other brands or products and highlight your positive features.

Start Creating Your Videos on Social Platforms

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