Fact Based Marketing: Everything You Need to Know More

January 10, 2022
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The term fact-based marketing implies bombarding your audience with hardcore data and statistics. However, this is far from the truth! Instead, it is the practice of knowing your audience first and then creating the message that drives action. This approach relies on factual data on consumer behavior and current trends to develop targeted marketing strategies that will help companies increase their sales.

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Insightful research by Sirius Decisions reveals that more than 70% of B2B organizations have a sales team entirely or partially dedicated to account-based programs. This is because 87% of B2B marketers agree that fact-based marketing delivers a higher ROI.

Account-based marketing blurs the boundaries between marketing and sales. It offers organizations a collaborative approach that combines delivery, sales, and crucial executives to achieve business goals.

To help you hit your client’s goal, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to understanding fact-based marketing:

A Quick Glance at Fact-Based Marketing

Fact-based marketing is ideal for B2B businesses and brands with large sales teams. It enables the marketing and sales team to boost efficiency, avoid wasted resources, and nurture prospects.

Here’s why fact-based marketing matters:

  • Targets customers and prospects’ needs
  • Determines why your consumer base wants a product/service
  • Helps identify how your product benefits them
  • Offers fact-based evidence that your product/service lives up to its promises

What is Fact-Based Marketing?

Fact-based or account-based marketing is an effective marketing strategy that identifies key accounts and markets with highly personalized individual messaging. This way, it creates a channel for effective communication and lead-nurturing.

Fact-based marketing leverages real-time market data to target accounts at every sale funnel stage. With this personalized approach, businesses can boost revenue, decrease time in the sales cycle, and create a streamlined buying experience.

What are the Benefits of Fact-Based Marketing?

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Here we discuss several reasons you need to leverage fact-based marketing:

Provides You the Opportunity to Rank the Right Accounts in Your Sales Funnel

Account-based marketing empowers you with facts that you can interpret to determine how often prospective customers interact with your brand. With this data, you can identify a particular buyer’s interest in your product/service.

These real-time numbers provide you with crucial facts, such as which viewer is interacting with your brand based on click-through rates or which buyer visits your website often.

Overall, you can make better business decisions based on your customers’ thinking and actions. You may even leverage account-based marketing platforms that aid you in identifying accounts that are researching your product/service in real-time. Consequently, you can target them more effectively.

Marketing can be near impossible if you don’t have substantial knowledge about your buyers. Account-based marketing gives you the facts necessary to convert prospective clients into loyal customers.

Aligns Sales with Marketing

Marketing and sales are highly specialized and unique worlds that rarely overlap. Marketing typically focuses on asset creation, brand messaging, and storytelling. On the other hand, sales go out on the battlefield to engage with leads and nurture prospects.

Fact-based marketing encourages close collaboration between sales and marketing. It creates a unique environment where both departments integrate.

Here, marketers focus on creating a consistent message and brand voice. They also ensure that everyone involved knows the necessary knowledge to communicate with prospects effectively.

Turns Prospective Leads into Customers

According to insightful research by Forrester Research, less than 1% of leads evolve into loyal customers. Thus, it’s evident that marketers need to change their tactics to foster deep connections and drive revenue.

More and more B2B marketers recognize the limitations of traditional marketing strategies and demand-generation programs. As a result, businesses are rapidly opting for fact-based marketing strategies.

Account-based marketing strategy helps drive outcomes that matter by effectively captivating leads, increasing pipeline, and generating higher revenue.

Allows You to Identify Industries to Enter

A business that relies on the same few loyal customers from their industries will only go so far. Your company must grow, expand, and connect to succeed.

It means that you need to identify different ways you can market your product/service to new industries. But, unfortunately, penetrating a new market can be challenging.

Luckily, fact-based marketing provides you with incredible insights into which industry best aligns with your goals, vision, and mission. This way, you can target new marketing to the ideal audience.

Marketers can easily pull data through their innovative fact-based marketing platforms and software to analyze metrics. It lets you determine which companies from other industries use similar keywords, interact with look-alike websites, or research your product/services.

You can even identify which industries and markets your competitors are considering. This way, you can create a marketing campaign to show off your product/service’s USP and benefits.

On the whole, real-time account-based data offers you a competitive edge, allowing your sales team to capture leads they might have never before considered.

Go Beyond Using Marketing Personas

Many organizations fall short of leads by marketing based on theoretical personas or demographic data. These personas aren’t ideal for proactive marketers because they don’t help you determine what your audience wants or expects.

Fact-based marketing appeals to businesses because it empowers them to connect prospective buyers with what they already need. It also allows marketers to leverage the right internal resources to determine time and energy.

How Does Fact-Based Marketing Drive ROI?

Fact-based marketing helps you boost your revenue by empowering you with real-time data necessary to create personalized messaging:

Get the Facts

Fact-based marketing relies heavily on research. Before you determine which strategies you should employ, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What factors encourage high-value customers to make a purchase?
  • Which demographic characteristics are common in high-value customers compared to less profitable buyers?
  • What attracts your most profitable customers compared to your key competitors?

Once you answer these foundational questions, you can create your FBM strategy.

Prepare Your Sales Team

Account-based marketing helps drive more business, given that your sales team performs well. Ensure that you train your sales team adequately to know how to pull facts to take strategic marketing decisions.

With the proper training and armed with facts, your sales team can capitalize on your marketing campaign’s success quickly and more effectively.

Measure Your Success

If your goal is to boost leads or drive profitable growth, your sales team will also need to focus on key drivers and indicators of development. It includes the number of qualified leads per email campaign, the length of your sales cycle, and more. With this data, you can tweak your existing marketing strategy to boost performance and, ultimately, ROI.

How to Know if Fact-Based Marketing is Ideal for Your Business?

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Account-based marketing is a powerful marketing technique; however, it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Here are several things to consider before curating a fact-based marketing strategy:

  • Do you have a sales or marketing team large and efficient enough to focus on individual accounts?
  • Do you have the resources to reorganize your sales and marketing structure?
  • Does FBM align with your business model?

Going Beyond Fact-Based Marketing: What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is an innovative approach to digital advertising and marketing. These marketing strategies only involve businesses paying for a specific task.

Performance marketing professionals typically rely on the following paid marketing channels:

  • Native advertising
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Sponsored advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media advertising

How Does Performance Marketing Work?

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The critical differentiator between performance marketing and other marketing strategies is how businesses pay. Marketers do not pay upfront or monthly but they pay only when there’s a result.

Digital performance marketing comprises the following four groups:


  • Advertisers are businesses that want to promote their products/services with the help of affiliate partners
  • eCommerce brands in fashion and apparel, health and beauty, food, and sporting goods industries can benefit from performance marketing
  • Retailers who perform the best in performance marketing have a well-established online presence with an already engaged audience


Affiliates, otherwise known as marketing partners in the performance marketing world, include coupon websites, cashback websites, product review websites, and more.

As affiliate marketing combines with performance marketing models, affiliates also include social influencers, blogs, mobile apps, content sites, artificial intelligence, remarketing ad managers, and complimentary merchant partnerships.

Third-Party Tracking Platforms

Affiliate networks and third-party tracking platforms provide merchant and affiliate essential information and tools, including banners, product feeds, and payouts.

For merchants and affiliates alike, these networks help them keep up-to-date with leads, clicks, and conversions.

Affiliate Managers

Affiliate managers drive business between merchants and affiliates. They may choose to work with agencies, in-house teams, or individuals.

Your brand may choose between an in-house team or agencies depending on your existing business infrastructure and needs.

Why Performance Marketing?

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Performance marketing focuses on maximizing the following outcomes:

Lead Generation

If your business wants to captivate prospective clients to earn leads, enlisting a marketing company helps expand customer outreach.

Product/Service Purchase

Performance media marketing is also helpful for attracting buyers and generating sales. Performance marketers can produce compelling ads/content showing your main dishes or services if you operate a gym or a restaurant.

The primary goal is to encourage customers to visit your gym or restaurant and drive revenue.

Application Downloads

Businesses with mobile apps can leverage online performance marketing to boost app downloads, ultimately leading to more significant revenue.

How Does Socialays Improve Fact-Based and Performance Marketing Strategies?

Leveraging real-time marketing strategies is essential to succeed in today’s highly competitive world. It means that you need to identify which marketing strategies align with your business goals.

Once you determine whether fact-based and performance marketing strategies match your business goals, you must create your own. Using Socialays is an excellent way of enhancing your existing marketing strategies to expand business outreach.

Socialays is a revolutionary AI-powered social media assistant dedicated to helping you nurture leads, convert viewers into loyal customers, and boost revenue. Here’s how this innovative enables you to hit your marketing goals:

  • Its creative ‘Sentiment Analyzes’ interprets viewers’ comments and categorizes them as ‘positive’ ‘negative’ or ‘neutral’ to facilitate personalized communication, empowering businesses to nurture leads
  • Moreover, its ‘Emotional Analyzes’ categorizes comments in one of nine emotions, including happiness, worry, hate, confusion, and more. This way, you can quickly identify your customer’s pain points and concerns to provide real-time solutions
  • Socialays notify you whenever your profile or page receives a comment. It enables you to engage with users, as well as identify which user often interacts with your brand
  • The AI-fuelled app allows you to customize its features to detect specific comments like ad content, questions, confusion, etc. As a result, you can stay on top of your comments and establish yourself as a thought leader. You can also effectively identify which demographic engages with your website, service/product, etc.
  • Socialays also notify you any time a comment includes hate or profanities. Above all, you can take action in a timely fashion to ensure a positive and happy community for prospective clients.

The Bottom Line

Fact-based marketing is a powerful strategy that enables businesses to offer personalized individual communication. Therefore, whether you are a small or multi-national company, consider investing in account-based marketing to generate leads to drive revenue.

Socialays is a leading AI tool specializing in fact-based marketing to help you tell a compelling story, connect with your audience, and generate revenue. Socialays provide real-time information to its users allowing them to learn about the visitor’s intent. Therefore, learning the “intent” is important as it allows companies to create a marketing plan to address the visitor’s intent that can lead to a potential sale.

Moreover, constantly tracking and adapting to emerging trends can help you quickly monetize your marketing efforts with exponential ROI. We hope this article has built a basic understanding of fact-based marketing, its importance, and its potential.

So, if you want to experiment and invest in fact-based marketing that is on-point and leverages your business, then try out Socialays-the innovative AI-powered tool for maximum results.

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