Hiding vs. Deleting Negative Social Media Comments: What’s the Impact on Your Brand?

March 3, 2023
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Social media is essential for connecting with people and engaging customers, but it comes with the potential for unpleasant comments and online trolls that may harm your brand. Deleting these comments may backfire, so hiding comments is a better alternative. It reduces visibility and lets you control the conversation.

In this article, we’ll explore why you should hide comments instead of deleting them and the risks of deleting comments from social media pages.

Social media platforms and negative commentsWhy You Should Hide Comments Instead of Deleting Them?

–         It Reduces Visibility and Promotes a Positive Image 

Hiding comments instead of deleting them is beneficial because it reduces visibility and keeps your page clean and professional. Hiding offensive or inappropriate comments allows you to maintain your page’s professionalism and positive image without any negative repercussions from users who may feel that their voice was not heard.

–         It Allows You to Retain Control Over the Conversation

Hiding comments enables you to control the conversation and prevent potential arguments or debates from escalating. It allows you to diffuse volatile situations without deleting comments entirely, reducing the risk of user backlash.

–         You Can Avoid Unwanted Attention or Negative Reactions

Lastly, hiding comments can help you avoid unwanted attention or adverse reactions from users who may find the comments offensive. Hiding the comment will prevent users from seeing it and avoid potential arguments or debates.

deal with negative commentsThe Risks of Deleting Comments

–         It May Lead to an Unexpected Backlash

The act of deleting comments carries a significant risk of triggering an unexpected backlash from users who feel that their voices are not being heard. For example, suppose a user expresses their opinion in a comment, and you delete it without any explanation or justification. In that case, they may become angry and post negative comments about your company on other social media platforms.

–         It May Cause You to Lose Valuable Insights or Feedback 

Deleting comments can cause a loss of valuable feedback that could improve your product or service. It silences users’ voices and reduces engagement, potentially resulting in lower sales.

–         It Can Damage Your Online Reputation and Brand Image

Deleting comments can harm your online reputation and brand image by appearing as censorship of users’ views. Suppressing users’ voices by deleting comments that contain valid feedback may lead to the spread of “fake news” and rumors about your company that can harm your reputation.

Reclaiming Control Over Your Brand’s Reputation with Socialays Comment Moderation


One way to mitigate the risks of deleting comments is by using a social media comment analysis tool. Socialays tool allows you to analyze user comments in real-time, allowing you to identify potentially harmful comments and take appropriate action before they become a problem.Socialays Social Media Comments Anlaysis Tool

A social media comment analysis tool like Socialays can detect patterns, identify trends, and monitor customer sentiment towards your brand, ensuring only valid feedback and comments are posted while avoiding negative reactions.


Managing online conversations can be challenging but integral to running a successful business. You should delete comments from your page cautiously since they can have both positive and negative impacts. To maintain a positive online reputation and brand image, it’s crucial to manage online conversations professionally and responsibly. Socialays can help identify potential debates before they escalate, ensuring your business’s success.

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