How Can I Create Attractive Social Media Content?

February 11, 2022
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Social media: it is one of the most important marketing tools today. People share many things on social media and content for marketing purposes is also shared. Many companies and well-known people share a certain number of daily shares on these platforms. We can briefly call these shares “content”.

Content is the cornerstone of social media. A social media account without content has no value. Therefore, content is the most important part of these channels. Although it seems easy to share content on social media platforms, there are very important points in the background. As a matter of fact, there are many points that people wonder about social media content production. In this article, we will share information about social media content production and focus on how to create attractive social media content. But first of all, it is necessary to make a definition of the term.

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Definition of Social Media Content

Social media content is one of the digital marketing methods. In an environment where social media and the digital environment have developed so much, content is a very effective advertising tactic and it is advantageous over other digital marketing techniques, as it provides direct communication with potential customers for social media accounts that receive the most interaction.

Creating content for social media is a very important job. As such it is important to consider every element to establish correct and effective interactions. By taking advantage of the marketing power of social media, companies can double their visibility.

Social media content also affects ranking in search engines. Brands with a strong social signal are in a positive place in the eyes of search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Bing. This enables customers to access the mentioned companies more quickly. Social media content, which can also increase your traffic density, actually has the potential to fulfill all of the marketing functions. Having strong social signals is also related to many factors such as knowing social media well, having the right information about users, and producing the right content.

Why is Social Media Important for Content?

The importance of social media in terms of content comes from the fact that today is the digital age. Social media is the most effective communication and socialization tool. It differs from traditional media tools in some features. Thanks to these features, it becomes irreplaceable for companies. These features also make sharing content on social media important. Advantages of social media include:

  • Social media is a platform open to everyone’s participation. Anyone can share and respond. In other words, there is a mutual relationship that can change between the sharer and the follower.
  • Social media is open to feedback and participation. They have the opportunity to comment and share information.
  • While traditional media is more one-way and broadcast-related, social media provides two-way communication.
  • Thanks to social media, communities can form and interact quickly.

All these features enable brands to communicate with their customers more easily. Of course, the quality of social media content is also important for this as it is one of the most important factors that increase the visibility and success of a brand.

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What are the Expectations of Institutions and Individuals from Social Media Content?

Expectations from social media content vary for institutions and individuals. The general expectations of individuals from social media content are as follows:

  • The feeling of being cared for,
  • Being valued by getting regular notifications (especially on special days),
  • Getting fast and effective solutions to the problems by the company,
  • To benefit from the company or brand,
  • Receiving daily posts that are not related to products or services.

The expectations of institutions from social media content are as follows:

  • To be able to hear the voice of the target audience and to attract more customers to online communication. In this way, to increase the marketing power and target audience,
  • Getting feedback from users and seeing how users view messages,
  • To see the density of organic traffic,
  • Determine the number of people reached including those who are interested in the messages, and those who are dissatisfied.

What to Consider During Content Production

When doing social media content production, there are many things that companies need to consider including:

– Wording

The wording style varies according to which medium you are using. Because the jargon and expectations used by the channels and the users in these channels will contribute to the creation of the content. For example, humorous content is very easy to engage with on Twitter. Making a humorous post on Twitter, where people mostly share visual and text-based posts, will attract attention.

– Language

Every social media platform has its own language. When producing content for a specific medium, it is important to use the appropriate “language” as the same content will not generate the same result. A campaign type that is successful on Instagram might not work successfully on Facebook.

– Sharing

Once the production of social media content is carried out, it is shared in a language suitable for every medium. But it will be better to note that while there are channels where constant sharing reduces interaction, there are also channels where little sharing does not have any effect. For this reason, it may even be necessary to make separate content studies for each platform. One can share content daily, but it is important to check which platform to share regularly to maximize your efforts.

How to Prepare Social Media Content?

How to create social media content is something companies should definitely know. To start, it is important to decide what topic or subject you want to share with your social media followers. Choose the service or product that you want to focus on or want to feature during the initial phase.

The most important factor in making sales is to be able to look at it from the perspective of the customer. Ensure that product information are accurate and up-to-date. Adding features that are not currently available on the base product can also help increase the company’s sales. However, negative feedback reduces the sales and prestige of the company in the long run. It is necessary to answer the negative feedback by communicating directly with the buyer in order to resolve the problem. This would reduce any negative effects on the company’s image.

Generally, postings on social media consist of texts, however, one can also add images or videos as well. Since the content is visually engaging at first glance, the probability of users reading the content increases. Plug-ins or filters are also becoming popular which appeals to different users, making the content more engaging and memorable to users.

The most time-consuming and most important stage when creating social media content is to do research. It is important to follow up-to-date information constantly and include them in the content for the content to be effective. By doing research and reading articles, one may create wonderful and effective content.

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What To Considered in Creating an Attractive Content

In creating attractive content for your social media, it is important to consider the relevance of the tool or strategy that you are using to the content you are planning to create. Successful planning increases the brand’s sales as well as increases its advantage over its competitors. Things to consider when creating content on social media, which is one of the most important marketing tools, are listed as follows:

  • Pay attention to the length of the contents

For example, Twitter has a 140 character limit. Therefore, the content shared must be simple and understandable. On platforms such as Facebook, you should be careful not to write excessively long content. Content with a maximum of 250 words is ideal for customers. Longer content can cause users to start getting distracted, bored, or lose interest.

  • Content should be linked for easy analysis

In this way, traffic can be received from customers. In order to analyze whether the goals and objectives can be met, the clickthrough rates of social media links should be known. It is possible to analyze the return of social media content with the Google Analytics tool.

  • Hashtags should be used

In this way, the attention of the target audience can be drawn and interaction can be increased. It should be noted that the hashtags to be used should be relevant to the content and be original.

  • All social media content should be prepared in the same language and style

In this way, the brand will be consistent, which will raise its social media image.

  • Content that will generate traffic, in the long run, should be shared

Because the content that will expire in time will not contribute to the company over time.

  • Social media content should be accessed just at the exact time in order to reach your target audience
  • Original content makes users feel valued

As such it is important to make your content original and unique. Being original provides perception management about the brand.

  • The content should appeal to the ideal target audience

In this way, it is easier to reach potential customers and the company achieves high sales.

  • Content should not only be texts but should also include images and videos

Enriched content provides higher performance.

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What are the Different Ways to Create an Attractive and Different Social Media Content?

You can use different methods for social media sharing and increase your interaction and feedback on social networks. Due to the intense competition on social media today, it is important to make interesting approaches and to choose a language suitable for your brand in order to stand out in this competition. One of the factors that you should especially consider when sharing social media is that each social network has its own dynamics and the user base of each social network will be different. We may list different ways to create attractive social media content as follows;

– Set your tone on social media

First, you need to determine your tone on social media and how you will approach your target audience. For this, you have to consider the intersection set of 4 different elements; your target audience, the language you will use, your tone, and your purpose. Focusing on these elements will give you an idea about what kind of strategy you will follow for social media sharing.

– Understand your target audience

Having a good understanding of your target audience is one of the most important criteria for social media content. Not sharing content that appeals to your target audience and will attract their attention will result in a decrease in the conversion rates and interaction rates you will receive. For this reason, you need to analyze your target audience well, examine their interests, demographics, positions, and professional status, and plan your social media shares accordingly.

– Research the dynamics of the social networks you are in

Every social network has its own dynamics. For example, the content of the shares on Twitter and the content on Instagram differs. In addition, users use these two social networks for different purposes. In order for your social media posts to be interesting and attractive, you should handle each social network differently and share according to their dynamics. When you master these dynamics and understand the purpose of the social network, you can share more attention and interesting content on these channels.

– Don’t forget your brand

While doing all this research and reviews, you should also consider your brand. The services you provide or the products you sell will also affect your content and tone on social media. At this point, it is more important to choose the target audience that your products appeal to. The fact that the audience of your products does not intersect with your audience on social media will decrease the amount of recycling you will receive. For this reason, it is important to include your products, your brand’s identity, and the target audience you want to reach in your social media content strategy. When you do not reflect your brand’s identity or reach a different target audience on social networks, you cannot get the results you want from these studies.

– Use tools to prepare content

With the development of technology, as social media has developed, the number of tools also increased. We may list distinctive tools as follows;

  • Canva: Offering many templates, the app also lets you do graphic design. It allows you to support your content with powerful visuals.
  • Hemingway Editor: This practice makes writing more understandable. It helps to correct complex sentences and offer alternatives to the words used.
  • Headline Analyzer: The title is of great importance in terms of content. This application evaluates the title according to factors such as general structure, readability, and grammar and gives points.
  • Snappa: This app provides graphic design and photoshop. Moreover, it enables you to make unique designs even for the inexperienced.
  • Evernote: This app is used to jot down ideas. Creating content isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s important to take notes. It also provides synchronous operation.
  • Piktochart: This application makes it easy to do even a difficult task like infographics. In this way, it supports creating quality content.
  • Socialays: Socialays is a tool order to read and analyze comments. In addition, it reacts in real-time. It has some distinctive features: sentiment analysis, instant AI reactions, real-time notifications, a fully optimized interface, customization, and a powerful search engine.

The tools mentioned above are free of charge and can provide visual, auditory, symbolic, etc. support for your social media content campaigns.

How Socialays Can Help You

In addition to all of the supportive tools and apps, thanks to online assistants it is also possible for many people to manage their content and analyze the status of your content. For example, Socialays as an AI-Based Social Media Assistant, as one of these assistants, reads your comments in a second, analyzes them, and reacts in real-time for you. At the same time, you may not be able to follow the content you share on social media, but thanks to this assistant, you will never miss your social media comments and questions. Because the assistant will give you information on many subjects:

  • Hate Speech comments,
  • Notification about followers,
  • Mentions.

Socialays brings three main components together: speed, data, and analysis. Thanks to these three important elements, it keeps an eye on your social media without disturbing you. Having the feature of identification also alerts you about critical issues and keeps your data safe.

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