How Do You Use the Text-to-Speech on Instagram Reels?

February 16, 2022
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Using social media is a great way to connect with your loved ones. And if you’re a business owner, it’s a must these days to know what your target market thinks and wants. Using Instagram for business is an effective way to do it and using features like Instagram Reels can have a huge impact on your brand’s presence.

Social media has become the new community hang-out place. Big platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter always make new additions to provide users with more ways to connect. One of the latest additions came from Instagram which is the text-to-speech feature on Reels. With this feature, Instagram users can now use two voice options to voice their messages on reels.

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Below you’ll find out a complete guide on how to use text-to-speech features on Instagram and what benefits it brings to growing your online business through reaching more people.

Use the Potential of Visual and Audio Together

Starting from the early 2000s, the concept of social media started to come into our lives. Friendster and MySpace are the first social platforms that brought people online. However, Myspace forged ahead with open profiles and more options for users. In 2005, YouTube was founded and people started to upload their first videos. Facebook came along with sharing pictures and Instagram took it to the finish line by bringing all of them together.

Today, sharing only a video or a picture is simply not enough for social media users. They want to connect with the world in every way possible and the platforms give them this – one feature at a time.

Instagram introduced Reels in December 2021 to compete with another booming social media platform that is TikTok. With this new feature, users are now able to turn the messages they put on Reels to voice. This makes the Reels convenient to reach more people as listening is easier than reading for users. According to research using audio also affects buying behavior and can be a positive booster to gain more followers and potential customers.

A Complete Guide on How to Create Reels With Text-to-Speech on Instagram Reels

You need to keep up with the latest features if you want to reach and connect with your target market.  The text-to-speech feature on Instagram is one of them as Reels are getting more famous among social media users. This enables companies, brands, and marketers on social media to be in a more close relationship with their customers. The more you appeal to them the higher your brand awareness gets. So, here are the 5 steps to use the text-to-speech feature on your next Reels.

  1. Update to the latest version of the app to use the text-to-speech feature right away. If you can’t find it, simply update it and keep reading!
  2. Okay, you’ve updated your app and now you are ready to upgrade your game on the Reels. Open your Instagram account and click the ‘’+‘’ icon on the upper right side of the screen. There, you can see the ‘‘Reels’’ option and record brand new Reels.
  3. Add text easily to the video by clicking the ‘’A’’ icon on the upper right side of the screen.
  4. To use the text-to-speech feature, click on the three dots icon and you will see the feature.
  5. The text-to-speech feature offers Instagram users two voice options – (female voice) and (male voice).


Why You Should Use Text-to-Speech on Instagram Reels?

The main point of using social media for your business is to get closer to your target audience and communicate with them daily. There are a lot of ways to achieve this, but why is it important and how does it contribute to your online business?

Social media platforms are now transformed into strong business competitors in every line of business. They not only gain advertisement revenues on the platform but also provide space for businesses to promote themselves in every way. This allows you to create a unique profile for your company or brand and gives you the freedom to become a familiar brand among millions of others. Using features such as text-to-speech is one of the advantages Instagram provides since it makes an effective impression on your followers. By using the voice effects you can:

  • Catch your followers’ attention easier
  • Leaving a stronger impression on them
  • Gaining new followers through the reels
  • Increasing your public recognition

Highlight Your Product’s Benefit on Instagram

For customers, whether they know your brand/products/services or came across your Instagram account through Reels for the first time, the first impression is vital. In seconds, they will decide if they want to shop or swipe to another Reels video. To make them stay interested, you can create eye-catching and relatable videos. Your videos should also be easy to understand and not rocket science since they’re on Instagram to have fun!

How to Grow Social Media Followers for Business?

The more visible you are online, the more chances you have of growing your online business and reaching new customers. Social media may seem like a hard castle to conquer at first, but luckily there are ways to use it efficiently! Once you choose the best options and gather them together and apply them regularly, you will see booming numbers for sure.

1. Every customer is special, so are their opinions

The never-ending trends, viral videos, and more can be tempting if you’re looking for a quick solution to increase your follower numbers on your business accounts. Although they may bring you short-term interaction rates, keeping up with the trends is what everybody else does online and if you are a new member on Instagram, your page can be left behind since other accounts can shadow your visibility with their millions of followers.

Instead, try to use customer-oriented ways of promoting on your Instagram Reels. What do your customers like to follow online and who do they like to listen to? Once you have answers to these questions, you’ll know what to share and who to collaborate with.

2. Fresh ideas attract people

The human brain is incredible since it spots even a small difference if the subject is interesting enough for them. People who use social media frequently often get lost in the Reels that are the exact same as each other. This makes people swipe until they find something different. While creating your Instagram for business, it’s essential that you try to pinpoint what’s new about the subject your customers love to learn about. This will give them a reason to check out your page every day.

3. Business can be fun!

Social media users know the difference between a business and a personal account so well. Those who don’t like to read often click the ‘‘not interested’’ button as soon as they see one. To prevent this situation and reach out to more people, you should blend in and turn your business into a fun business online! And, how can you do that? Easy.

Every line of business has the potential to find humor in it. If you’re producing socks, for instance, try to create different patterns of animals with them and upload the picture on your Instagram page. Ask your followers to show their talents and add a ‘’#‘’ to it!

Add Some Funny Commentary to Your Instagram Reels

Studies show that laughing is good for people. And that is exactly why people use social media: to laugh and be happy. When you add quick-witted commentaries on your Instagram Reels, it makes people stay and watch it and eventually click on your business account.

– If they laugh, they’ll come back

While you are posting on social media for business, look for ways to make your followers laugh. That will create a familiarity between them and the brand and next time they come across one of your Reels, they will know it’s your brand.

– Turn the robot voice into an advantage

Among the Instagram Reels users, the robotic voice choices had different reactions. Some people find it funny while some think the platform should provide other voice-over options. The robot voice can sound weird at first but in time, you can turn it into one of your own marketing tools. Using the same catchphrases often can be one of the ways to achieve this. For instance, add a specific word or catchline and use the text-to-speech feature. In time, your followers will think about your brand the minute they hear the words.

Relating to Your Followers Was Never This Important

These days, it’s all about understanding your audience. Whether you’re a publicist, a business owner, or an intern at a company’s marketing department. If your customers think you don’t provide what they need or you are not aware of their needs, they won’t waste time finding another that does.

The answer to how to grow your social media followers for business is the same: know what they need and give it to them. If your audience likes to get humor-based information, that’s what you need to work on. And if your main target audience is young people, then it’s high time that you follow the latest trends whether it’s dance routines or something else!

Instagram interactions

Know the Latest Trends Among Customers with Socialays Assistant

Every business owner likes to be in control of the things happening in their companies, to prevent negative effects and unwanted surprises. To do that, you can build up a team and have them monitor all your social media accounts. And that means a lot of people and a lot of money.

Why go to all the trouble when you can do all that with Socialays AI-based social media assistant. Socialays AI-based assistant is the perfect helper for business owners to help them track every single comment your followers leave. This allows you to not only be informed of how your marketing strategies are doing but also help grow your audience in the meantime!

Another Audio Option You Can Use to Increase Interaction

From the day it launched on August 5, 2020, Instagram Reels have quickly become a popular stage to increase your follower numbers. It’s useful for growing your online business as well as it gives you a closer platform to connect with your followers and potential customers. To increase your options on Reels here is the other voice-adding alternative in addition to the text-to-speech feature on the platform.

– Voiceover Reels If you like to use your own voice in your Reels, you can simply record a video and click on the ‘’Record’’ icon. Then simply read the text and upload your new video.

In Closing

With its more than 500 million daily active users, Instagram offers business owners a great chance to grow their customer numbers through business accounts. Now more than ever, the power of social media can be seen in every line of business. And brands try to reach out to their customers (new and potential ones) using popular features on these platforms.

A Reel on Instagram is one of them. With Instagram Reels, you can create short videos that your followers can relate to and attract them to your accounts. While creating Reels, you can use text-to-speech features and use one of two voice options. This makes your Reels videos more reachable and understandable. Try the text-to-speech feature and grow your online business today!

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