How to Enhance Organic Social Media Traffic with Comments?

August 3, 2022
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Organic social media traffic is extremely difficult to obtain and maintain, but it is not impossible. The presence of advertisements at the top of the organic results in social media can cause the effort to get organic social media traffic to be seen as a waste of time. The effort to get organic social media traffic is by no means a waste of time. Organic traffic is a very important part of your digital strategies, and you can do it in many different ways. Undoubtedly, organic social media comments are one of the most effective ways to increase your organic traffic.

social media organic traffic

                                                                Enhance social media organic traffic with comments

What is Organic Social Media Traffic?

Organic social media traffic means visitors find your page by typing various words in the search button and choosing your page from all the results except advertisements.

Social media analytics data analyses separately consider all traffic values for organic social media traffic results: direct, social, paid search, and email. Browsing organic traffic results and values is essential to understanding how your page is performing without ads and other campaigns.

By analyzing organic traffic on social media, you identify the weaknesses of your page and digital strategies. For example, if your Instagram stories have a high rate of passing without looking at the story in organic social media traffic values, then you should take a look at your page’s user experience and redesign your page layout and Instagram stories.

In addition, if the organic traffic you get from the UK is less than the organic traffic you get from abroad and your target audience is in the UK, you should develop local content and strategies.

organic traffic on social media

Organic traffic on social media

Importance of Social Media Organic Traffic

Being able to get social media organic traffic provides many advantages. Among the main reasons for this are:

It’s free: You can work with a social media expert or designer to create content on social media, but as a result, you can easily reach your target audience without ads by optimizing the content according to the target audience.

Search Algorithms Get Positive Signals: It takes some time for organic social media traffic to rise on social media. Users coming through organic traffic prefer to stay on your page longer. There is an increase per content and per post. It is not possible to get any of these from paid traffic.

It Creates New Business Opportunities: Unless you are a big brand or company, your brand or company can’t survive only with awareness. By appearing in social media search results, especially local ones, you can get potential customers searching for your content, products, and services.

Accessible Structure: The budget can be limited for small businesses, brands, and start-ups. You may not want to invest a lot in paid advertising on social media, but with the right strategies and the right content sharing, you can get organic social media traffic.

A Strong Foundation: Getting organic traffic on social media gives you a strong foundation for product marketing, brand recognition, and page growth.

When planning an organic social media traffic strategy for social media, you should not neglect to take the regular search into account. From stores to restaurants, big brands, and businesses, many organizations need to emphasize content and studies that are optimized for normal searches.

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  Boost your social media via organic traffic

Dos and Don’ts of Responding to Comments

If you have a social media account and this account is a company, brand, or company page, positive or negative social media comments will inevitably be a part of your life. Even if you think you are doing everything right, there may be details that you have overlooked or situations that you have not taken into account. At this point, it is quite high to get a lot of positive or negative social media comments. So, how should all comments, positive or negative, be approached on social media?

1. Listen!

When you encounter a negative comment on social media, you should set aside your prejudices and pay attention to what is being said before evaluating the issue. Although the negative comment may seem like an unfair accusation at first, you should not ignore the possibility that there is a grain of truth in what is said. Never forget that there may be a different point of view in each situation and the subject can be interpreted differently. By empathizing, put yourself in your followers’ shoes and try to understand their problems.

2. Respond Quickly!

The later you respond to positive or negative social media comments, the more value and importance other people who see the comment give it. For this reason, you should react very quickly to the social media comments and show that you are interested in your followers.

social media response

Respond quickly to social media comments

3. Don’t Prolong the Thread!

If you have received a negative comment and there is an angry user who does not approach a solution, engaging in an inconclusive dialogue on social media may cause the issue to be perceived as a more serious problem from the outside. Because of this situation, it would be very useful not to prolong the issue.

4. Don’t Take It Personally!

In social media, there can often be endless discussions or problems. If you take negative social media comments personally, you may make the mistake of reacting emotionally. Whatever the topic of discussion, you should approach the situation professionally and maintain your level.

5. Don’t Forget Your Purpose!

If you have an unhappy and complaining follower on your social media account, the only thing to do at this point is to ensure the satisfaction of the follower. You should not lose sight of the truth by getting lost in the details.

6. Do Apologize Sincerely When Necessary

If you have a company or brand account on social media and a customer is unhappy, it may be because of you. You may have made a mistake or caused a misunderstanding. For this reason, do not hesitate to apologize. Express that you apologize for the mistake you made, take responsibility and be solution-oriented.

7. Don’t Answer Unprofessional!

Since you will have a dialogue with people, you may encounter working people who do not put you in the wrong direction. Whatever you do, don’t respond to these people unprofessionally. Failure to respond professionally and not follow this line means that you are doing yourself harm. Always try to be polite and respectful. Even if it’s not your fault, it’s always in your best interest to be kind and moderate to get rid of these people.

8. Don’t Hide from Negative Social Media Comments!

Unfortunately, in the face of every difficulty, you may not have the opportunity or chance to escape. At this point, do not hesitate to comment on your content or posts and respond professionally.

9. Don’t Leave Comments Unattended!

You should not leave positive or negative social media comments for your content or posts on social media unclaimed, and you should respond to these comments professionally and respectfully promptly.

responding to feedbacks

Responding professionally to feedback

Tips for Positive Social Media Comments on Every Social Media Channel

It is very important to receive positive comments from customers or users on every social media channel. There are a few tips you need to do to get positive comments on your page and expand your audience. These tips are as follows:

Be Positive

Take a look at news sources on social media. What status and news would you like to read? News of pessimism and gloom? Or news of happiness and joy? Trying to be positive on social media also increases the number of positive comments on your posts and content. With the increasing number of social media comments, you can increase the organic social media traffic of your page and stand out.

Be Consistent

To receive positive comments on social media, there must be harmony in the time and amount of your content. You should identify the best time your page audience is active and share content during these times. If you share regularly and consistently, people will expect to see the content you share. If you post inconsistently, your target audience, followers, and comments on your content will gradually decrease.

Encourage Followers

Make sure people who follow your Page always learn something. For positive comments, you must answer your followers’ questions on time. You should share educational information about their life or offer them the first information about a new product.

positive vibes on social media

Be positive on your social media feeds

Effective and Accurate Post Strategy

You should share content and posts suitable for your target audience and design content suitable for your target audience. Eastern content and post sharing make it very easy for your page to stand out.

• New Content

Social media is very keen to highlight new, quality, and appropriate content. This helps you in the situation of competition between you and competing pages. You should create new content and posts around your target audience. You can highlight your page quality with content suitable for your target audience.

• User Experience

Your page needs to send quality signals holistically for organic traffic. The page usability factor also includes post-sharing frequency, page structure, and navigation elements. These factors should also include values such as prominence rate, frequency of page stays per post, and time spent on the page. To increase organic traffic on your page and improve the user experience, you should use the data you get appropriately.

• Page Updates

There are hidden ranking signals that your page will get from areas such as double factor protection factors. SSL certificate, up-to-date plugins, and posts, current page map, terms of use, and privacy policy are among such details.

• Links

The strategy of linking on your page and in your posts should be to get links from the sources that the target audience visiting your page spends time with. Additionally, the more quality and qualified different pages or sites that link to your page, the more reliable your page will be. This state of trust means that you stand out on social media.

• Competitive Analysis

You should always review the organic traffic status of your competitor pages. You should use all the data you have obtained during these reviews in favor of your own social media page.

social media influencer checking comments

Importance of Comments to Enhance Organic Social Media

Importance of Comments to Enhance Traffic

Comments made under your posts can cause your organic traffic to increase or decrease. Relevant and positive comments under the post increase your organic traffic, while negative or spam comments negatively affect your organic social media traffic. Social media platforms have updated their artificial intelligence and algorithm systems accordingly to bring the posts to the fore. For example, Meta (Facebook) highlights posts and pages with meaningful interaction. Basically, this means that if your posts have positive and conversational comments, your organic traffic will increase.

Comments and replies come to the fore more in meaningful interaction. Linked to Meta, Instagram also highlights posts and pages based on user interaction. Accordingly, the actions that Instagram cares about are the user, interaction, past behavior, and post freshness. In this context, the action where user interaction stands out is comments.

That’s why you should follow the comments under your posts and take precautions accordingly. For example, you can track your social media post comments using a tool like Socialays.

How Socialays Can Help You?

With Socialays artificial intelligence-supported post comments tracking tool, you can prevent spam comments, and at the same time, you can categorize your comments and review the most liked posts, and plan your new posts accordingly.

Along with the above, the most important factor is the comments on your posts and content. Comments on your posts and content by different accounts increase your page’s mobility and organic traffic.

You know that there are many ways to increase your organic traffic on social media. You are also aware that among the most important of these is to follow the post comments. The fact that your post comments are positive and informative is one of the methods that allow you to reach your target audience in the best way. By paying attention to this, you can stand out more than your competitors. With the right social media strategy, you can expand your target audience. In addition, it will be easier for you to reach your potential customers both in your local area and around the world.

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