How to Increase Instagram Followers for Business?

August 25, 2022
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Why do you need to increase your Instagram followers? Social media has started to play a significant role in our lives day by day. Thanks to social media, we can share the latest developments about ourselves with our loved ones. At the same time, we can follow the activities of the people or organizations we are interested in. Social media, which is an interactive communication platform, has opened new doors, especially in business areas. The use of social media allows customers to easily communicate with businesses and get feedback easily if there is any problem. Today, many business owners are turning to social media platforms such as Instagram to promote their brands. This guide shows how businesses can increase Instagram followers.

Instagram, the first use of which was to socialize and share photos, started to be used for many different purposes. Over time, many different business accounts began to be created on Instagram, from the food industry to the fashion industry. Thus, very large audiences could be reached. One of the most important points for the growth of businesses is to analyze the target audience well.

Once the target audience’s wishes are identified, businesses can adjust their growth strategies accordingly.

How Effective are Instagram Followers for Business?

Instagram followers can share posts such as photos, videos, temporary stories, and Reels, which are short video types. These shared posts are very important in terms of promoting the products and services of a business. For instance, a restaurant business can share the food and drinks it serves with impressive videos and photos on Instagram. Especially recently, Instagram has been very effective in terms of business and marketing.

Importance of Instagram for Businesses

1. The number of people using Instagram is quite high.

According to data from global advertising audience reach figures, Instagram has at least 1.452 billion active Instagram users. This means that a business with an Instagram account can reach a very large audience. Thus, success will be inevitable.

2. People who know about the business search for the Instagram business account.

Customers who are satisfied with a business’s service often search for that business on apps like Instagram. Many users on Instagram want to monitor the activity of their favorite business accounts. In this way, the people around these people will also be aware of that business. Just like a domino, the level of awareness that progresses increases Instagram followers of the business. A business needs to be easily accessible to people who want to have detailed information about itself.

3. Increasing Instagram followers helps to recognize your brand

Instagram enables well-known brands and businesses as well as small businesses to promote themselves. These businesses can attract the attention of potential customers with the posts they share on a daily or weekly basis.

According to a statistical study conducted in 2021, the average number of posts per week by brands was 4.5. In addition, fashion brands share 6.5 posts per week, and sports brands more than 13 posts. Additionally, media brands share an average of 8 posts per week, and technology and software brands share 2.4 posts per week. In such a case, you need to determine the appropriate post density according to your brand.

4. Constant communication with customers

Business accounts can share high-quality and resolution photos or videos about the services they have on Instagram. These posts of business accounts receive likes and comments from customers, so this business stands out even more. Undoubtedly, the constant communication of a business with its customers will be very effective in the growth of that business.

5. Businesses competing in the same lane to follow each other

Instagram allows a business to follow its competitor. For example, they may collect information about the rival brand’s relationship with the customer or how it promotes its products. As a result, this business can achieve success by developing a more effective strategy for itself with the knowledge it has acquired.

6. Increasing Instagram followers allows the customers to see all the details of the service provided

Customers who want to purchase a product or service want to see if these services are offered on reliable terms. Instagram provides the opportunity to share the background of the service provided with the live video and posts shared with the customers.

7. Instagram followers can share by tagging the businesses they receive service from

Customers who enjoy their services and products purchased often share this on their Instagram feeds. Instagram users prove the reliability of the business by tagging the business in these posts and increasing the number of followers of this business on Instagram. In this way, the interaction rates of the businesses also increase, which makes more people aware of the business.


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A post shared by Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks)

Figure 3: Instagram followers help to tag you and your services by tagging

8. Instagram enables the production of creative content.

With some of its video features, Instagram allows businesses to generate highly creative ideas for promoting products and services. These remarkable images and videos created on Instagram make the business more noticeable and increase the number of followers of this business.

9. Instagram allows businesses to make money directly.

Instagram enables e-commerce through product placement. The shop tab on Instagram allows users to directly notice brands and allow users to shop from these businesses. In addition, Instagram can add detailed product information and prices to the photos they share. With the links that include the ‘‘shop now’’ feature, businesses can direct customers to their online stores.

Building an Instagram for Business Growth Strategy

One of the most important factors that enable a business to grow is the effective use of social media. Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms that provide businesses to grow through social media applications.

Some tips for growing Instagram for business:

• Avoid fake accounts and likes.

Fake accounts are in direct violation of Instagram’s policy. In addition, purchasing fake accounts and likes can lead to the business being suspended or even banned. This is the reason why one should develop an effective Instagram growth strategy to increase its followers naturally and organically.

• Present business account effectively.

A business account should be created where the target audience can access all information about the business in detail. Optimized the Instagram business account to create interest among users. The Instagram business account must include the name of the business, location information, services, and contact information.

• Determine the characteristics of the targeted audience.

A business that does not know for whom and for what it serves cannot recognize its potential customers. A business must identify the demographics it appeals to. Businesses should be able to analyze what age range, which gender, or which nationalities they serve. Once they determine the targeted audience, they can then create the appropriate content.

• Do Instagram analytics, especially for business accounts.

After the necessary things are done for an Instagram business account to grow, a general Instagram account growth analysis should be done. For example, it should be checked at what rate the Instagram business account has grown and how long this effect has been achieved. Likewise, it should be analyzed which types of content shared in the business account result in growth.

The thing that businesses should pay attention to after implementing growth strategies on Instagram is growth analysis. Socialays is an artificial intelligence-based social media assistant, that monitors social media accounts and gives real-time notifications. Additionally, with Socialays, negative comments or spam on Instagram can be easily revealed. Socialays offers an analysis that can easily reveal the expectations of the audience addressed by the business accounts on Instagram.

It also categorizes the comments made under the brand’s posts as positive, negative, or neutral. In this way, it presents user requests in a very good way. Not only that, but it also detects and hides malicious or spam comments that defame the brand.

• Share content frequently

Especially after reaching a certain audience, these people expect businesses to produce Instagram content continuously. Thus, businesses regularly interact with the target audience. As people interact with these shared videos and photos, the business begins to attract more attention. Additionally, the posts shared by businesses must be of high quality.

• Businesses must create remarkable and creative content to grow on Instagram to increase Instagram followers

For example, a business account about meals and recipes must regularly upload posts on Instagram. Use high-definition cameras to shoot videos. Make the video engaging and uplifting to attract more followers.


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Figure 4: Remarkable and creative post of H&M

Business accounts can make their Instagram posts more remarkable by adding fun filters or songs to their posts. Instagram has many features such as Story replies, IGTV views, and Reels. Many Instagram users spend most of their time watching Instagram Reels. Additionally, reels are an excellent feature to help you grow your followers. Using photos alone is not enough for the business to grow on Instagram. Video features on Instagram allow companies to reach more followers and grow. In addition, the original content on Instagram allows businesses to increase the number of followers.

• Businesses should collaborate with other creators.

For example, a business about sports and wellness should interact with other people with the same content. A small business can attract attention by commenting on people’s Instagram posts with the same type of content. Commenting on posts attracts attention and gives you the chance to collaborate with other users or influencers. Thanks to new collaborations, businesses can expand their circles on Instagram. They can recommend each other so businesses can increase their awareness on Instagram.

• Develop discount and giveaway opportunities.

People are more inclined to join if there is something beneficial to them. Businesses that create opportunities in this way attract more users and increase the number of followers. Many businesses consider these discounts unnecessary. However, statistical data shows that potential customers on Instagram want to take advantage of such discounts. For instance, a business might organize giveaways to increase its followers. In this way, followers eagerly wait for the next giveaway and the business account does not lose any followers.

• Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms.

Many people also use social media platforms other than Instagram. Businesses can drive business growth by sharing links to their posts on Instagram on other social media apps. There are some ways to attract users to the business’s Instagram address. One example is to post an intriguing question or caption that will attract and gain the visitor’s interest on various social media platforms. This creates curiosity in potential customers, which is crucial for businesses to grow on Instagram.

promoting instagram account in a website

                                                                                 Figure 5: Promotion of an Instagram Account on a website

Used Hashtags (#) appropriately.

The use of hashtags allows search engines to have information about the Instagram content. Instagram users can follow the hashtags of the topics they are curious about. If businesses use these hashtags in their posts, businesses can increase their followers and grow their brands on Instagram.

Instagram limits the use of hashtags in posts and stories. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags when posting an Instagram post. The ideal number of hashtags on Instagram is between 3 and 5.

To use hashtags effectively, firstly, choose words suitable to the content. Set a limit on how many times a keyword is used in the post. This includes the usage of popular keywords. That said, you don’t need to always choose a popular keyword. Less competitive hashtags that appeal to a certain audience may send stronger signals to the algorithm by describing what businesses’ content is about. Moreover, using hashtags in captions strengthens businesses’ Instagram SEO.

When one performed an Instagram account analysis, businesses can understand if there is something wrong with their growth strategies.

Eventually, a small business that has just started its business life has to promote itself effectively, even if it provides good service. No matter how assertive a brand is, if it cannot say I am here, no one knows how good it is. This is where using platforms such as Instagram comes into play. Instagram allows these brands to say I am here. Many known or unknown brands carry out their marketing through social media.

The importance of social media for brands continues to increase. However, it takes time and effort for a business to grow on social media platforms like Instagram. That said, for a business to grow, it must determine a strategy for itself. If the growth strategies mentioned above are implemented, businesses may show serious growth.

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