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September 29, 2022
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Facebook page organic reach is a popular discussion among businesses. This is especially true for those who want to reach their targeted audience without spending on marketing campaigns. Facebook is one of the oldest platforms in the social media world, therefore it is the platform with the highest number of users in the world. Facebook, which can reach very crowded and diverse users, has a very wide scope in terms of organic reach and target audience increasing strategies.

The Facebook feed looks different for each user. Behind this is the algorithm that evaluates what content from friends and companies might be of interest to a person because it is impossible to view all the content in the feed at once. It filters all posts likely to specifically appeal to a user based on their interests and online behavior. Facebook records and evaluates all posts circulating on a user’s network based on specific ranking signals.

Facebook Algorithm

The algorithm then uses the data collected about the user to filter out all posts that are possibly uninteresting to them. If possible, it also filters out content that users generally don’t want to see (e.g., spam or clickbait). Based on behavioral data about the user, the algorithm roughly knows which posts the user will react to and categorizes their relevance accordingly. The algorithm, therefore, sends other similar post types to the feed, thus providing a diverse selection for the user to scroll through.

This is how the algorithms on Facebook and other social media platforms work, making it a tremendous platform for gaining organic reach. Unfortunately, Facebook continues to keep the exact workings of the algorithm secret over the years, including many of its optimizations and calculations. Otherwise, it would be constantly manipulated.

What is Facebook Organic Reach?

Organic reach can be defined as the number of unique people who see your post in the news feed or on your page, including your followers who like your Facebook page, people who see the news when they like, share, comment on your post, answer a question or report participation in an event.

Whether you have a follower or not, you can reach the number of people who viewed your post in the news source or on your page from the organic reach statistics page in the “insights” panel, where the data of your page is recorded. Facebook organic reach data is a guide to how many people you reach with your posts.

Figure2: IKEA’s Facebook page organic reach

Why Organic Reach Matter?

The number of active pages on the Facebook network is over 60 million. This means quite a lot of competition for active pages. In this intense competition environment, it is very important that their posts get likes, comments, and shares organically. However, another important issue is the Facebook algorithm. This algorithm gives importance to the codes or words you use in your posts as much as what you share and how. Facebook likes, comments, and shares are closely related to the organic content you create and real interactions.

With a Facebook page that you will create in a professional way, you can make effective advertisements and reach your target audience easily by growing your account. According to a study conducted in 2021, Facebook accounts for 71.8% of all social media visits. This shows that businesses need to have an effective Facebook profile and Facebook page in order to take an effective role in social media.

Ways to Boost Facebook Organic Reach

Today, one of the social media channels we use in every aspect of our lives, Facebook is one of the most used social media channels as a brand and as an individual. At this point, if you have a page and you want to increase the reach of your page and your audience, there are various strategies and methods. These strategies and methods are explained to you under the headings below.

Target User Curiosity

Sharing intriguing content is at the forefront of increasing Facebook page reach and target audience. If a page, instead of randomly sharing its own content, shares the highest quality and the user’s intriguing emotion, it attracts the attention of the user, increases the click-through rate, and allows the user to take part in the broadcast stream. Also, the description should be kept short and concise. In general, the recommended maximum number of characters is 75.

By keeping the description short and concise, tell the user your problem at once so that the user can browse your content without getting bored. A content type that is not boring and creative always attracts the attention of the user.

Set a Goal for Yourself

Engaging and creating an audience on Facebook is of course important for your product promotion, brand awareness, and page engagement, but audience and engagement shouldn’t be your only goal when doing e-commerce. You should set goals to ensure that this audience and interaction return to you.

If you want to get feedback from your Facebook page and successfully use your business page as a marketing tool or if you want to grow your page, you should interact with your followers and observe their expectations and needs.

Know Your Competitors

By examining your competitors’ posts, you can gather general information about them. Based on the number of Facebook interactions, you can learn techniques that work and observe the posts you should avoid. Your competitors’ pages also give you an idea of your own page. You can reconsider your cat goals by looking at their page interactions.

Schedule Your Posts

Posting timing, which is one of the most important factors, ensures that your content reaches your followers at the right time. If you determine the online times of your users who connect with your page and make your posts according to the timer in your calendar, your content will reach the people who connect with you at the right time. Thus, your content gets more reach and interaction (clicks, comments, likes, etc.).

Set Your Post Frequency

Another topic that will come after the timing of your content is the frequency of submission. Adjust your post frequency using your statistics. No matter how curious your content is, overwhelming the user with too many posts will help you drive users away from your page. Of course, when you say let’s do it like this, don’t neglect your update and content production.

You can examine the reach of your posts on a weekly or monthly basis from the Facebook statistics section, and accordingly, by sharing more or less content compared to the previous week, you can both gain a place in your followers’ memory and keep the access rate on your page updated if you ensure that the user is not bored by not exposing them to too much content.

Re-Share the Posts You Engage the Most

Identify and repeat the posts that receive the most access from your posts in your content. Of course, while doing this, share the same topic, different titles, and different images. The purpose of doing this is to gain new reach with the old post and to gain a place in the memory of the follower.

Stay Connected with Followers Who Interact With Your Posts Frequently

Reach and engagement is the lifeblood of your content. Especially if you are a brand, you do not want to break this lifeblood. The Facebook platform is kind of like a customer service tool. Pay attention to a follower who comments on you, sends you a message, and interacts with you in other ways, listen, and do not interrupt communication by giving the follower the information they want to learn with a correct and fluent expression.

While keeping in touch with your followers, you should also follow the comments made on your posts. You should watch out for comments that are malicious, spammy, contain inappropriate content or damage your reputation and take action accordingly. You can use tools like Socialays to help you optimize your Facebook page organic reach.

Socialays is a tool that allows you to follow the comments made on your posts and take appropriate measures. With this tool, you can see the reviews by categorizing them as good, bad, or neutral. Accordingly, you can reply to comments or delete them if you wish. Thus, you will ensure that there are no comments with spam or inappropriate content under your posts.

Make Your Page Attractive

In order to be visible on social media, where all messages and content flow one after another, you must first attract attention and take care that your page is creative and attractive.
Use all social media platforms, including Facebook, actively, but while doing this, make sure that your page is a natural, living, and interesting page.

Don’t Forget To Support Your Content With The Right Images

The word “correct” should be underlined here because after determining the title, another important thing is the right visual and video for the right content. While sharing images related to your subject, the dimensions and clarity of your images are also in the foreground. Many people skip the remaining important steps in order to draw attention to the narrative while adjusting the visuals to their content.

The image you choose should be large. It should have a clear image as image, attract attention, give an idea about the subject and make the follower think about that subject. You have as many competitors on Facebook as you have followers in normal business life. Therefore, when sharing a post and supporting it visually, you should share the question “How can I attract attention?”

Don’t Forget to Share Video

On Facebook, it is generally discussed that users concentrate more on video. Watching videos is easier and more fun for the user. You can increase your Facebook page organic reach and get more engagement by sharing an eye-catching video describing your content.

Don’t Buy Followers on Any Social Media!

Buying followers is one of the situations on Facebook. The followers you get are actually useful to a certain extent, and a new update comes and all the effort goes to waste. Therefore, instead of buying followers, you should increase your number of followers based on the reach honestly.

Share on Different Topics

Share general information about the product you sell or the industry you are in, interesting news, articles, or fun visuals. Facebook also admitted this and reported that this method brings more engagement and audience.

When sharing news or articles to increase likes and clicks, do not just share the sharing link. Make sure it has an image. Write a short description below and share the link embedded in your own post.

Produce Short Content

Don’t try to explain everything in one piece of content. Long posts will cause your post to reach fewer people. Take care to produce your content in a short, simple, and understandable way. Short-film-like videos and text-drenched visuals cause people to lose interest in your content. Take care to use short videos and simple images.

Use Long URLs in Your Posts

Use long URLs instead of shortened URLs in your posts. Using a long URL in your Facebook posts provides 3 times more engagement than a short URL.

Follow the Current Status

Share not only on a sectoral basis but also about current news. Current information sharing also affects organic interactions. For example, share a funny story and ask your followers what they think. Try to share interesting content. This is a good way to get both likes and clicks but don’t click-bate posts.

Use Groups

Find groups relevant to your Page and share high-quality content in those groups. Interested people can follow your page to be informed about your posts.

Also, create a group linked to your page to connect with members of the community. You can discuss relevant topics, boost your Facebook page organic reach, share news, and engage with current and potential followers.

Do Not Neglect Advertising

Do not underestimate the power of social media advertising. These ads allow you to reach the most accurate target audience possible in the shortest time possible. With a successful advertisement, you can reach larger audiences and increase your follower count, organic interaction and Facebook likes.

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