Increasing Social Media Presence for Big Business

February 22, 2022
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Increasing the business’ social media presence today is one of the most determining factors of success among competitors. Brands now carry out various activities such as product and service promotions and developing their customer portfolio through social media. Modern marketing strategies such as campaigns, product promotions, and marketing are frequently carried out today through the use of social media accounts of businesses.

With the active use of social media, bilateral interaction occurs between businesses and potential customers. When there is any problem with the product or service, the brand is immediately aware and can take action. Thus, the business can turn the crisis into an opportunity by maximizing customer satisfaction. In addition, thanks to social media, brands have the opportunity to get to know their target audiences and customers better.

Importance of an Effective Social Media Presence

Brands that know their customers and target audiences, get better results in a short time by arranging their products, services, and advertising methods in line with customer expectations. Considering that social media is used effectively by almost every brand and business, there is competition between businesses here, too, and this is the driving force for businesses to use social media.

The correct use of social media is as important as its use. Various social media tools, which offer many different features, help to turn ads and interactions into sales in different marketing channels. By using these tools, the business can increase its sales and along with it easily increase its brand awareness. Thanks to the use of social media, customers show more interest in a brand.

Social media studies are carried out at very low costs. If businesses can analyze their advertising and social media activities correctly and manage their budgets successfully, they can get efficient user returns with very little budget. It can be much cheaper, especially when not working with an advertising agency for advertising and marketing activities.

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Social Media as Part of Digital Transformation

Presence in the age of digitalization and the digital world should be among the moves that every brand must implement. In this period, where traditional marketing methods are losing their importance, brands that can keep up with the times continue on their way with productive results not only in the long run but also in the short run. As in the past, a website alone is not enough for any business, so social media is an extremely important auxiliary tool.

In a time when the use of social media is so widespread, not increasing one’s social media presence will be one of the biggest mistakes businesses can make. Especially small-sized businesses can achieve faster growth through social media marketing efforts. With this article, you will use social media more accurately for your business. By promoting your brand to a larger audience, you will achieve a great increase in customer and revenue base.

List of Popular Social Networks

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most basic tools of marketing, and it is one of the most effective ways to appeal to large audiences. Considering that the majority of the world uses various social media platforms every day, the effective use of these social networks by businesses can be considered the best way to grow their business. Here are the most used effective social networks in the world;

Meta (Facebook)

Meta (formerly Facebook) in the world is the top social media platform in the business as it has the largest number of users and the most recognition worldwide. The most important reason why it is so effective for both users and businesses is undoubted that it is not only a social media platform but also a powerful marketing tool. In addition to reaching potential customers in your region with its many different tools, it can easily bring people who know each other to each other. This network, which has a very high user experience, is a media tool that is essential to increasing one’s social media presence.


Among social networking sites, YouTube has maintained 2nd place in popularity among the public. There are more than 1 billion active users on YouTube all over the world. Since 2005, it has quickly gained popularity.

The benefit you can get from this social media is to present your product in an attractive way. You can make your own channel without spending any money. You can promote your business, product, and service by making an effective live broadcast using various tools such as Streamyard. If you want a wider promotion, you can provide ads on the YouTube channel with paid promotions. Like Facebook, you can target your audience and specific areas where you want to promote your products.


With its popularity race, Instagram is one of the best social networking sites and has gained a prominent place among all popular social media. This is the platform where you can get the highest number of likes and comments and is a place with a young population. You can effectively interact with your customers and analyze your comments by using various tools such as Socialays on Instagram. In this way, you can easily find out what kind of impact your shares have on the customer.


TikTok, the rising star of recent times, has effectively managed to become one of the most preferred platforms in a short time. In today’s social media where video content is very popular, you can use the TikTok network effectively in your business.

different social media networks

These platforms are platforms that appeal to all social media users, but various social networks have become niche. Thanks to these niche networks, users with a specific purpose, view, need or desire can interact with each other through these networks. Popular niche social networks that brands can use to increase social media presence can be listed as follows:


Founded in 2006, ActiveRain is the most preferred real estate social network, bringing together real estate agents, brokers, home managers, inspectors, and lenders. Members can connect with each other, create a blog, and exchange information here.


Alignable enables businesses to establish long-term relationships with each other. With Alignable, it has been possible for businesses to spread their campaigns more easily and to establish various relationships with each other.


Avvo is a social network founded by a lawyer that allows people to find lawyers easily. Users can evaluate and rate lawyers.


How professional a business works can only be easily understood by the opinion of its employees about that company. That’s exactly what Glassdoor does. Glassdoor, which is a platform where old and new employees of companies can comment, is also used as a job search platform. Thanks to this platform, you can have detailed information about businesses and at the same time, you can follow new job positions.


As the name suggests, it is a social network where artists come together, communicate and interact. DevianArt has more than 35 million members and more than 65 million user visits per month.


It is a social network designed for doctors. Doximity, which is one of the most preferred social networks by doctors in the world, works as an industry-specific assistant to LinkedIn.


It is a social network designed for people living in the same area to communicate and connect. Hosting more than 75 thousand districts and neighborhoods in its database, Nextdoor is also used for various needs of its members such as plumbers, house moving, decoration, and household goods.


It is an undeniable fact that the oil and gas industry has a huge volume in the world. It would be unthinkable for a market that is so important to stay away from social media. OilPRO is designed as a social network where professionals in this sector come together, exchange ideas, and interact with each other in commercial studies when necessary.


Established to find commercial information for private and public companies, the Crunchbase platform is a platform that contains information such as companies’ financing and investment information, leadership positions, and founding members. Crunchbase is also a platform where mergers, acquisitions, news, and industry information are published.

8 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Networks

Here are 8 effective ways to promote your business on social media:

1. Share quality content when posting on your social media account

Communication is one of the most important elements when marketing a product. The best way to communicate with your customers on social media is to share quality content. You should take care to prepare posts with eye-catching designs for your social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Since professional designs are required, if you do not know about this subject, you can agree with a designer or use various tools. Canva is just one of the alternative design tools you can choose for your social media designs. You can attract your customers to your business by preparing posts about your brand’s campaigns, opportunities, and services.

By sharing content within a plan, you will have a higher chance of increasing the recycling you get from these channels. When you create a content plan, you can determine which days of the week and at what time intervals you will share, create different topics, create content diversity on your social media account, and create posts that will serve your different purposes.

Acting within a content plan not only saves you the trouble of finding content at the last minute but also makes it easier to concentrate on different types of content. Sharing different content within a plan will also have a positive impact on your feedback, as constantly sharing similar content will reduce your interactions.

2. Get inspired by other businesses that do social media campaigns

While trying to manage your social media account, you may not be sure how to do some things. You can avoid this by taking inspiration from other businesses. But you should definitely not copy exactly the same. This not only hurts your company’s reputation but also can get you in trouble with legal issues like copyright. This can also affect your social media presence.

Small inspirations will not hurt, as long as you do not miss the dose, you will not have any problems. You can even offer a better social media account to your customers. Instead of imitating the work of prominent brands in your industry, you should make more effective studies that can attract the attention of your customers.

3. Deal with social media influencers

You can be new to social media with your business. However, many people have been a phenomenon on social media before and have millions of followers. You can ask them to advertise your brand by agreeing with these phenomena. Of course, you may have to pay some fee for this. The fastest way to promote your business on social media can be phenomena. Make sure your account is organized and attractive.

social media connections

For example, if you are selling on social media, have plenty of products. Because the followers of the influencers encounter a blank page when they enter your business profile, they will come back immediately. It won’t do you any good either. After entering your profile, you should create a profile layout that will enable it to navigate by saying “what’s in here”.

4. Use the links correctly in your social media posts

When you look at posts where business accounts share their products, you’ll see a website link. There are Facebook and Twitter posts with links like “https://bit.ly/3n7YsdfsdiU” to direct customers to their website. Links like this are actually a big mistake that many brands make. These links, consisting of letters and numbers that have no meaning, will in fact arouse no interest in the user.

For this, you should prefer to use a link with your brand name. It will be a very long link where you use the direct link of your website. Setup a link shortening service using your own domain name or by purchasing a new one with your brand name. Then use the links in this link shortening service when sharing your products.

Research shows that links with a brand name get 39% more clicks than meaningless links. For this reason, sharing using links such as “https://socialays.com/features” will always carry you further.

5. Clearly define your plan and purpose

Businesses that want to take advantage of social media should determine their goals before doing any work and determine how these goals will be realized within a plan. Your first step should be to identify your goals on social networks;

  • To promote the product,
  • Reaching new audiences,
  • To gain followers,
  • Increasing brand awareness

You can choose one of these goals, or you can work to fulfill all these goals while creating your strategies. After determining your goals, you should create your social media management plan, emphasize what you will do in social networks step by step, and determine the work you will do in these channels.

6. Use Instagram stories, reels, and live streams

It is important to also stand out on social media as a business or brand. You can invest in Instagram story shares, short videos, and live broadcasts. One of the most preferred content types by users lately is Stories, live broadcasts, and short videos (for example, reels).

  • Sharing different content on stories will allow your followers to see your content more. Your posts on the timeline may remain in the lower ranks; however, your Story posts will be more likely to appear in front of your followers.
  • Live broadcasts make it easier for businesses to communicate directly with the consumer. It also reflects the integrity of the company and displays a more sincere attitude away from institutionalism. Live broadcasting can establish a closer relationship with your followers and grow your social media presence. You can establish a closer relationship with your followers by focusing on topics such as answering questions on live broadcasts, making product demonstrations, showing production processes.
  • Reels content type of Instagram, the largest social media platform, is one of the most popular content types of recent times and is one of the easiest ways to stand out on social media. With real videos, you can easily produce interesting videos specific to your industry

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7. Manage your advertising budget well

Businesses should also invest in advertising to grow their brands. For this, it is necessary to manage the advertising budget correctly and invest in the right advertising models on the right social networks. Managing your budget well and choosing the right model to target while creating a campaign will increase the ad reach. At the same time, this ensures that your budget is managed in a more controlled manner. Increasing the return on investment of your ads and determining the right advertising strategies will allow you to spend your budget for a long time and increase the income you get from your ads.

8. Pay attention to video content

Small businesses can generate more conversions from social networks with video content. Since it is one of the most engaging content formats today, investing in videos and creating video content in different concepts makes it easier for you to offer more interesting content to consumers while increasing your interactions. This will also help you to increase and grow your brand’s social media presence.

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