20 Pinterest Statistics That Matter to Marketers

October 27, 2021
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Pinterest is widely known as the site that people visit for inspiration and access to wedding ideas. However, this highly visual platform has evolved into a visual search engine to allow companies to showcase their products and services. In fact, Pinterest is slowly becoming the perfect marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. Here we’ve listed the top 20 Pinterest statistics to convince you of the power of this social platform.

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A Quick Glance at Pinterest for Marketers

Pinterest is a popular and widely recognized social media platform that offers marketers the perfect opportunity to boost sales and, ultimately, profit.

The platform helps you introduce your products/services and blogs to a brand new consumer base. With a wide variety, Pinterest lets you bookmark and share pins to increase brand awareness and recognition. In addition, it also helps convert visitors into loyal buyers.

Marketers may use Pinterest to:

  • Distribute their content
  • Build a community
  • Educate browsers
  • Drive organic traffic to their website
  • Boost online sales

Pinterest Statistics that Matter to Marketers

Here we’ve listed the top 20 Pinterest statistics trends that matter to marketers:

Pinterest Statistics #1 – Up to 460 Million People Use

Pinterest has experienced significant growth since last year. In fact, an estimated 459 million users are on Pinterest, revealing that the app generated up to 100 million additional users. This stat also shows that Pinterest has more monthly active users than Twitter and Snapchat.

Pinterest Statistics #2 –  the 14th Largest Social Network

In January 2021, Pinterest secured its place as the 14th largest platform in terms of global active users. This social media app ranks below platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. However, it’s above Twitter.

Pinterest Statistics #3 –  Pinners Have Saved 240 Billion Pins

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Since its establishment 11 years ago, users have saved more than 240 billion Pins. It means that an average Pinner has more than 500 pins on its board.

Pinterest Ranks #4 in the US

According to Pew Research, Pinterest ranks as the fourth most popular social media site. The platform comes after YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The research reveals that up to 28% of US adults claim to use Pinterest, which means its usage is comparatively higher than Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Pinterest Statistics #5 – Advertisers Rank the Platform First for Reputation

In 2021, 92% of marketers considered Pinterest as the #1 platform for online advertisements. Currently, the platform has 200 million active users.

Pinterest Statistics #6 –  Gender Demographic

Pinterest has always been a predominantly female platform with 2x as many female Pinners. In fact, 2020 Pinterest stats reveal that 6 out of every 10 Pinterest users are female. In addition to this, women tend to pin more as they feel an emotional connection with the platform. However, recent studies show that the gender divide on Pinterest is narrowing as the number of male Pinterest users increased by 50%.

On the flip side, the advertising audience of Pinterest looks significantly different. 77.1% of users are females, while 14.5% are males, and the rest are unspecified.

Pinterest Statistics #7 – 82% of Pinners Use its Mobile App

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Although the figure declined from 85%, the number of mobile users on Pinterest has consistently been above 80% since 2018.

Pinterest Statistics #8 – Most Pinners Use Pinterest for Home Design Inspiration

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According to insightful research by GlobalWebIndex, the main reason Pinners use Pinterest is to gain home décor inspiration. The second most popular reason is to find new ideas for clothing, style, and beauty, closely followed by health and fitness inspiration.

Pinterest Statistics #9 – More Than 77% of Pinners Discover Products on Pinterest

In 2020, the number of Pinterest boards went up by 35%. With so many boards, just what do Pinners pin about?

As research shows, the majority of Pinterest users leverage the platform for product discovery. Up to 3 out of every 4 Pinner says they learned about a new product or brand while browsing the app.

Pinterest Statistics #10 –  International Revenue of Pinterest Doubled in Q4 2020

Apart from user growth, Pinterest also experienced a dramatic ad momentum in international markets. In fact, research reveals that during Q4 2020, the social media platform earned $123 million in international revenue.

Pinterest Statistics #11 – Pinterest Users Watch up to Approximately 1 Billion Videos Per Day

Videos are probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Pinterest. However, it has been growing significantly on the platform. In fact, Pinterest users watch nearly 1 billion videos per day. For this reason, the app also introduced innovative features like Pinterest Premiere ad Packages that boost the outreach of video campaigns.

Pinterest Statistics #12 –  US Millennials Love Using Pinterest

According to research, up to 80% of all U.S. Millennial women and 40% of men use Pinterest. Plus, Pinterest’s user base experienced a 35% spike in Millennial users per year. Further breakdown of the stat reveals that 4 out of every 5 Millennial women and 2 out of every 5 Millennial men use this social media app.

Pinterest Statistics #13 –  Corporate Usage

Cast From Clay research shows that 52% of U.S. corporations and 35% of U.K.-based use Pinterest for marketing. Corporates use Pinterest as an ideal platform to introduce new products/services to target audiences. Through Pinterest, brands can drive better referral traffic than other social media sites.

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Pinterest Statistics #14 –  80% of US Moms Use Pinterest

4 out of every five moms in the U.S. actively use Pinterest for new products, inspiration, and ideas. Thus, if your brand is trying to appeal to moms, you need a Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest Statistics #15 –  47% of Pinterest Users Spend Time Shopping

In-depth research by e-Marketers shows that 59% of US Pinterest users use the app to view photos. At the same time, up to 47% browse the app shopping for new products.

Posting consistently and high-quality pictures on Pinterest is the perfect way of captivating the 83% of weekly Pinners that make purchases based on-brand content.

Pinterest Statistics #16 –  Pinterest’s Location Demographic

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Pinterest has its roots in the US, but its reach has transcended continents across the globe. In fact, up to 50% of Pinterest users live outside the US. Plus, usage growth is an uprising trend on Pinterest. In 2019, the platform experienced double-digit growth in all countries in the world except for New Zealand, Iceland, and Canada.

Pinterest Statistics #17 –  97% of Searches on Pinterest Are Not Brand Related

Research shows that nearly 97% of Pinterest searches are not brand-related. It means that users don’t include specific brand names when searching for products/services. Thus, marketers need to add the right keywords and hashtags in their pin descriptions and titles to ensure their brand shows up in search queries.

Pinterest Statistics #18 – Weekly Conversions Grew by 300

Between January 2020 and August 2020, Pinterest experienced a whopping 300% increase in checkout and add-to-cart conversions.

It suggests that people were doing more than just engaging in shopping; they were also checking out.

Pinterest Statistics #19 – Popularity Among Marketers

An estimated 28% of marketers across the world use Pinterest to showcase their products and services. It is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms by Marketers.

Pinterest Statistics #20 –  8 Out of Every 10 Pinterest Users Say that the App Makes Them Happy

The social platform continues to make successful strides in positivity in areas where other platforms fail. In fact, a survey reveals that 90% of people polled Pinterest as ‘an online oasis.’ In addition, Pinterest believes that content moderation helps them keep negativity off of the platform.

Reasons Marketers Should Use Pinterest for Marketing

Let’s discuss a couple of reasons why marketers should start using Pinterest for marketing:

Convert More Browsers into Buyers

What sets Pinterest apart from its competition is that the platform dramatically reduces the customer’s journey from discovery to conversion. This way, prospective buyers can quickly reach the source.

It also means that potential consumers from Pinterest convert into leads or sales faster than any other social media platform.

Drive Extensive Traffic

Are you someone who relies on your website for marketing and sales? Then you need to generate significant traffic to bump up sales and leads.

Luckily, Pinterest is an incredible marketing tool that helps boost linkbacks to your website, thus driving higher traffic. In addition, re-pinning improves your website’s search ranking since Google’s search engine considers them as backlinks.

Boost Sales with Pinterest

Since Pinterest is an excellent way of driving traffic, it’s also an ideal site for online sales. Pinterest is known as the second-highest traffic driver to Shopify stores. It is because buyers tend to do extensive research before making a final purchase. According to in-depth analysis, 89% of users leverage the platform to plan out and research products.

On top of that, Pinterest reveals that Pinners are 39% more likely than non-Pinterest users to be active shoppers. And when they make a purchase, they tend to spend 29% more money.

User Engagement is Ridiculously High on Pinterest

Pinners love nothing more than finding and sharing things with their tightly-knit friend groups. It is excellent for your business and increases sales. As more and more people see and click on your pins, their chances of going viral spike up.

Easy to Integrate with Your Website, Facebook Profile, and Twitter Account

Pinterest easily integrates with various social media channels, including your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account. This feature allows you to post new pins to your feed automatically. But instead of automating posting, spend some time creating an effective social media strategy.social networks

Discover What Your Audience Loves

One of the best tools that Pinterest provides marketers is that it allows you to see what’s trending. Follow people who follow you to see their likes, dislikes, and what inspires them. Pinterest provides you the perfect opportunity to see what’s hot today and use that information to add keywords to your products and offers.

A Beginner’s Guide to Maximize the Value of Pinterest for Effective Marketing

Here is a step-by-step guide on ways to market your business on Pinterest. Read on to learn the top 3 actionable tips:

Create a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Creating a Pinterest marketing strategy requires in-depth planning, including:

  • Setting SMART goals to identify your mission and aims
  • Learning about Pinterest’s general audience and demographic
  • Determining your brand’s specific target audience
  • Listing your competitors and what they do on your social media platform
  • Planning and incorporating on-brand content for your Pinterest profile

Pin Engaging and Captivating Content

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Pinterest is a pictorial social media platform. Thus, effectively using it to boost your business outreach requires sharing high-quality and engaging content.

You should remember the following tips when creating the perfect content:

  • Use Vertical Images- According to in-depth research, most users browse Pinterest on their mobiles. Using vertical images ensures your images don’t look awkward on phones
  • Consider the Quality of Your Content- Use high-quality photos and videos to avoid pixelation
  • Add a Descriptive Copy- Good descriptions are an effective and easy way of improving SEO, encouraging clicks, and adding context to your images
  • Include Text Overlays- Consider including a catchy headline to reinforce your visual message
  • Tasteful Branding- If your content matches your brand voice and identity, you may incorporate your logo in your Pins
  • Ensure the Link Works Appropriately- Broken links will lower user engagement. Avoid this by ensuring the link attached to your pin works well and offers Pinners an incredible user experience

How Does Socialays Help Marketers Use Pinterest Statistics to Enhance their Marketing Strategy?

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Socialays is a revolutionary AI-based social-media assistant. Let’s take a closer look at how Socialays enables you to achieve your marketing goals:

  • Socialays’ Sentiment Analyzes’ reads your comments and categorizes them as ‘positive’ ‘negative’ and ‘neutral’ with high accuracy
  • In addition, the ‘Emotional Analyzes’ categorizes your comments in one of nine emotions, including neutral, worry, hate, happiness, and much more. Both features help understand your viewer’s comments to ensure you reply to them appropriately
  • The app allows you to customize its features. This way, it can detect specific comments like questions, ad content, and so on
  • Socialays notify you whenever your page receives a hate comment or profanities. This way, you can take action right away to ensure a positive community
  • Get notified whenever someone posts a comment to engage with your audience in real-time

Bottom Line of the Importance of Pinterest Statistics

Curate your Pinterest marketing strategy today to drive organic traffic to your website. Keep an active presence on the platform and pay attention to its SEO to boost sales and profit.

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