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November 23, 2022
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TikTok, which is used in more than 150 countries today and has more than 1 billion users worldwide, is used by both people who want to spend time and brands. Especially e-commerce companies benefit from certain advantages by using TikTok.

TikTok has a very important value in social media marketing as it is among the most used social media platforms. Thanks to social media marketing with TikTok, companies can increase their brand awareness. TikTok is one of the most preferred platforms in the digital media marketing industry as a social media platform where businesses can reach their target audiences. TikTok is a platform where Influencer marketing efforts are frequently concentrated today, and it is one of the most effective methods for brands to reach their target audiences in a short time.

Today, with the increasing interest in video content, businesses can produce more popular content on TikTok. Businesses operating in social media marketing should open a TikTok account and take care to share on this account if they want to benefit from these benefits of using TikTok.

Is It Good for Social Media Engagement?

One of the most important elements that you can think of together with the concept of social commerce is digital marketing studies. Today, businesses communicate and advertise through certain social media platforms in order to reach people in their target audiences and sell products.

In Tik Tok, a social media platform that can be used by all kinds of businesses and brands, people and businesses that make advertisements to highlight their products, services, and campaigns can quickly reach many people in their target audience.

TikTok is a great place if you have products or services that appeal to a young audience, as 69% of TikTok users are between the ages of 13-24, 27% are 13-17, and 42% are 18-24 years old.

Thus, while companies have the opportunity to promote their products, services, and campaigns quickly, they can also gain customers from this platform, which includes a young audience. You can use this platform to increase your brand awareness and sell to young people in your target audience with Tik Tok and you can communicate regularly.

Influencer Marketing Gains Importance on TikTok

The term Influencer marketing is known as one of the digital marketing concepts that have taken place in daily life recently, and Influencer marketing studies are considered a very important marketing area for digital companies. The advantages of influencer marketing activities in social commerce are as follows;

  • It enables brands that want to expand their business and reach their potential customers, to reach people in their target audience.
  • This type of marketing, which is important in social commerce, aims to increase the product sales of e-commerce companies.
  • Businesses increase their brand awareness thanks to Influencer marketing.
  • Influencers who do influencer marketing activities can generate income thanks to different types of work.
  • Influencer marketing enables businesses to grow their target audience.
  • Influencer marketing plays an active role in enabling businesses to compete more easily with their competitors.

Influencer marketing efforts, which started to rise with Instagram in the early periods, are gradually shifting to Tik Tok, which has become an important platform in social commerce. E-commerce companies reach the followers of high-follower Influencers thanks to their Influencer marketing activities on TikTok, thus increasing both their brand awareness and product sales rapidly.

You can also do Influencer marketing studies on TikTok and increase your product sales quickly. To do Influencer marketing studies on TikTok, you can contact TikTok accounts with high followers or start your work by contacting agencies that provide Influencer Marketing services.

Live Stream Sales

The live broadcast sales feature, which is expected by social media experts and started to be developed on some social media platforms, is also expected to come to Tik Tok. After this feature comes to Tik Tok, it is thought that many brands from this social media platform will make their sales and increase their sales thanks to the live broadcast sales feature.

You can quickly open a TikTok account to take advantage of this feature that you may encounter and increase your sales by taking advantage of Tik Tok features by moving your brand to this platform.


How to Increase the Number of TikTok Followers?

Another way to increase followers in TikTok is to do social media management well. Although each platform is unique, it is useful to publish the videos you prepare on TikTok on other platforms.

You can also share your videos on TikTok from your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and you can make sure that your followers on every channel see this video. If your followers on other social media platforms like your videos, they will follow you on TikTok as well. This will increase both the number of views and the number of followers.

Here are some tips to increase your brand’s TikTok follower count:

Follow the Trends

Among the Tips for Increasing the Number of Followers on TikTok, following the trends is one of the most recommended and results-bearing processes. As with every social media platform, there are rapidly changing trends in TikTok. Users who follow trends are increasing in the number of views and followers in TikTok, as in every social media platform.

Examine the most watched videos on TikTok and increase your number of followers by shooting videos similar to these videos. In addition, you should not forget that the application algorithm highlights the accounts and posts that use popular tools such as trending music, streams, and filters. You can create your own audience in a short time with only trending content.

Apart from these, you should also be careful to keep your account under control. For this, you should pay attention to the comments made under your posts as much as you share the post. Although it is difficult to follow all your posts at this point, you can actually keep the comments under your social media posts under control by using a tool like Socialays.

The social media protector Socialays analyzes and categorizes the comments made under your posts with its advanced artificial intelligence. Thanks to the categorization made as neutral, positive, negative, spam, advertising content, malicious, and hate speech, comments with these features are prevented. Thus, you will take precautions against spam comments on the posts in your media account.

Act in a Planned Way

TikTok is one of the most used social media platforms. It has many professional contents, and usually, the accounts with the most interaction take professionally. If you want to increase followers on TikTok, it is useful to remember the following:

  •  You can get ideas from videos with a high number of views.
  • You can detect trending songs and edit videos according to them.
  • Make original videos similar to the most listed videos in the stream
  • You can get ideas from popular discover videos.

After determining these, choose the video location to shoot the video. Determining how long you want to shoot the video and its contents. You can create your video plan by listing the necessary details to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

Be Original in Your Videos

Original videos are one of the important things to increase viewership. Although popular videos have similar content, having a unique value makes them stand out more than others. Although you follow trending and popular videos, posting the same content here will cause harm instead of benefit. So while following popular videos, be careful not to lose your original value at the same time.

Hashtag Usage

The use of hashtags is among the Tips for Increasing the Number of Followers on TikTok. A hashtag is a feature that is popular on social media platforms. The use of hashtags provides a better experience for users, as it identifies the video topic. It also combines similar content making it a great way to increase followers on TikTok.

Increase your follower count by using hashtags to reach people interested in posts similar to the post you shared. Make your posts stand out by using popular hashtags shared.

Use New Released Songs

It is a well-known phenomenon that people who are popular on TikTok follow the agenda closely. Another way to increase followers on TikTok is to use trending songs in videos. In general, TikTok videos with newly released songs rises to the top. Using trending songs, whether old or new is also a good way to gain new viewers.

Do Not Avoid Collaborations

If you watch TikTok videos, you will notice influencers collaborating with each other. Collaboration is important for social influencers to gain additional followers. In this way, the followers of the people in the video recognize and follow other TikTokists. You can also increase your followers by using this method.

TikTok Followers Cheat and Buy TikTok Followers

On TikTok, many people use TikTok followers to cheat or buy followers. Buying followers is one of the biggest mistakes by users who want to grow their accounts on TikTok. Although it is tempting to buy users to grow your account, it actually backfires. The account will have a high volume of followers but engagement is low. In addition, this method causes distrust in the organic followers who follow your account, and you may lose these followers.

Don’t Forget TikTok Necessary Accessories

High-quality videos increase the possibility of video ranking. TikTok has an algorithm structure that aims to provide quality videos and images to users. Use a tripod to stabilize during your video shoots as well as use a filter to set the light correctly. A nicely-crafted video gains attention as well as new followers.

The digital marketing world is rapidly developing and growing. Brands following trends and producing the right content can survive. At this point, you can reach your target audience much more easily with trend marketing studies instead of traditional marketing strategies. In social media marketing, TikTok is a treasure for brands targeting the young audience. As a matter of fact, you can reach young people who spend hours here with the right advertising, sharing, and social media management strategy.

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