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February 10, 2021
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Adding social media to one’s website is no longer an option but a must. Companies interested in reaching a wide market must add social media as part of their marketing campaign. In addition, it is essential to have a social media account as it is like having a website or phone number. In fact, people are already used to contacting companies or brands via social media platforms. They are checking social media platforms for individuals, companies, organizations, or governmental programs before visiting their websites or calling them. So, we are using social media icons on websites, emails, catalogs, and even business cards to indicate your social media addresses to be contacted.

Where You Can Find Amazing Icon Sets for your Social Media Accounts

As everyone’s trying to be unique and stylish, you can create your own social media icons for your work. To create your own icon set, you must know or learn how to use graphical software. Additionally, you should be familiar with terms like pixel, vector, and flat. Yes, creating your own icon set is a way that could be a painful and time-consuming job. But, there is another way – finding your right icon pack on the web. There are plenty of web sources about free social media icon sets, created by professionals or freelancers.

Let’s check out some of them:

  1. Iconmonstr
  2. Iconfinder
  3. Social Media Long Shadow Icon Set
  4. Simple Flat Social Media Icons
  5. Nucleo – Free Social Icons
  6. Free Colorful Icons
  7. Social Media Icon Stickers

Choosing Your Social Media Platform

Choose the social media platform that you are interested in. After, add the free icon and add your link to the icon. By adding your personal link, the viewers or visitors are able to check out your company website as well as shop directly from your own store. Remember to check occasionally if the link is still active or becomes a broken one. Checking ensures that you will always be on top of the game.

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