A Practical Approach to Social Media Marketing Skills

February 10, 2021
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Social Media

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Social Media Marketing skills is the ability to handle different social media channel effectively. It is a brand new way of marketing that uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. We connect your target audience by setting up your brand profile and publishing your social media posts. We then listen to the audience, analyze the results and advertise accordingly. The aim is simple, to increase brand awareness and boost your sales, similar to classical marketing.

Social Media Marketing skills start with publishing media content on social media sites or platforms. For this reason, you must create amazing media content such as images, videos, or graphics. These will need to be posted on social media platforms. We then follow reactions, collect feedback, and analyze data. From this, we decide on your social media advertising strategy.

Social Media – A New Channel for Marketing

Social media is a new and strong media channel unlike classic media channels such as radio, tv, newspapers, or magazines. It’s a revolutionary media channel that connects more than 3 billion people (which is increasing via new internet connection structures) continuously from all around the world. The social media network seems too big to be true and everybody wants to be part of it.

Business and marketing professionals have focused on this new channel aggressively and work on it persistently. They don’t want to miss any opportunities. Businesses hire people or buy services under a new management title as “social media management”. This is an important part of their marketing strategy. Even large companies are currently setting up social media management departments because of how powerful the platform is.

Similarly, marketing companies are giving lots of services to businesses under social media management. These include social media content, posts, listening, analytics, and media advertising as complete services.

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Social Media Marketing has 5 basic steps to apply to any campaign:

  1. Define strategy
  2. Make a plan and publish content
  3. Listen to your audience and reach them (use Socialays for best result)
  4. Analyze results (again Socialays works better!)
  5. Advertise accordingly

Let’s explain these 5 steps more:

Defining strategy is a roadmap in this journey. You should answer some questions such as, “What are your goals?”“Which social media platforms or sites do you want to use?” and “What do you want to be shared with your audience?”.

In summary, do you want to sell your products, increase brand awareness, or just collect feedback from customers? Do you want images, videos, or graphs shared with your audience? Is the purpose entertainment, information, education or to link to a website?

Making a plan and publishing content is the core element. It is not your personal Facebook account that you can share whatever and post whenever you want. To catch up with your target audience you should plan your post content and timing according to your aim. Therefore, you make a plan and prepare content related to your aim and then publish it.

After publishing your content, listen to your audience and reach them accordingly. Don’t forget that one simple negative comment could damage your whole campaign. It is not limited to comments. You may get tagged in something and not know. It is a really hard job that is impossible to follow manually. However, it is your lucky day. Visit Socialays and see how easy and fast it could be, thanks to AI developments.

Analyzing and Interacting

Analyzing results is also a hard job but necessary for creating alignment, as is in any business. You need to know people’s reactions, how your post is doing, and how much increase in likes or followers to compare. Again, Socialays will assist with all that, better than anyone else.

The last point to check is your results. We then advertise accordingly to increase your followers and interact with potential audiences. With the use of social media ads, you can reach potential users other than your followers. With the help of social media advertising platforms, you can define exactly what people see in your social media ads. You can also use individuals such as social media influencers or your advertising channel.

With their huge number of followers and fame, you’ll reach your target audience and see reactions from them. We’ve now tried to explain social media marketing briefly to you. It is a subject that is developing every day since technology and software are always changing. It is a dynamic subject and should always be updated. Let’s see what the future brings us!

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