What is Social Media Intelligence? Why Does it Matter?

December 30, 2021
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Whether your business depends solely on social media sales or you’re attracting customers using social media accounts; your activities, responses to customers’ questions, and how well you communicate with possible followers are essential to growing your business. Artificial intelligence in social media comes into the picture exactly at this part. By using social media intelligence, you’re able to pinpoint your strengths and multiply them while also being aware of your possible shortcomings and making them right.

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What is Social Media Intelligence Anyway?

Once a sharing platform used solely for individual pleasure including posting your dog’s funny pics and a beautiful sunset in your city without any hashtags at all, social media has surely come a long way. Today, from big corporations that are worth millions of dollars to small YouTubers that have just shared their first content, every part of the business is starting to realize the value of using social media intelligence to understand their audience better. This way, they aim to attract more followers and possible customers using the customer’s reactions or comments for a post. For instance, with a solid social media plan, you’ll be able to follow trends and use its wave to boost your business. Because just like in every line of business, being one of the first ones has its advantages.

Is It Worth Use It?

Although the short answer is yes, let us explain why it is worth using social media intelligence in any business. According to Peter Suici in a writing for Forbes, companies use customer data to enrich their followers’ profiles and reach their business goals. Reviewing the reactions to your content helps you to make better choices next time you post for your customers.

Social media intelligence, at its core, provides you with useful information on what your target customers think of your market strategies. Do they like it, leave positive comments and share them with their circle of friends? Social media intelligence shows you all that and a road map to future goals. And there is more than one way to do that.

1. Check the Mentions

Whether you launch a new product or service or put a video out on social media, mentions you’re getting are a force to be reckoned with. With social media intelligence, you can find out influencers who’re interested in your business and broaden your market through them. It’s a small but essential point that can lead you to expand your brand easily. Another advantage of it is the communication you get with your customers. Using a lot of different channels of communication, influencers and YouTubers reach out to your potential customers on a more personal level. They become your brand ambassadors and their fans/followers have a more positive view of you.

2. The First Reactions

Your customers’ initial comments, likes/dislikes, and mentions usually provide an honest answer to your marketing strategies. To test the water early and take measures to prevent a negative impact, it’s important to have comprehensive knowledge of customer reaction.

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3. The Potential Customers

Having a solid customer profile isn’t enough to reach out to new markets. That’s why; the business world is always trying to find accurate data to show new markets where they can attract more people while keeping the old customers happy. What social media intelligence does at this point is to bring data analysis from social media and the core of this information: feelings. With social media intelligence, you can know the emerging fields surrounding your brand/business beforehand and act accordingly. The tendencies in markets change fast and having a social media plan is a huge plus.

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Where Can I Start?

You may be in the industry for years or starting new. Both can get better with optimized social media intelligence suitable for your business. It might be a little confusing at first because of a couple of variations that depend on trends and thus making the customers’ attention ever-changing. However; there is also reliable data out there that certain brands use to reach more people on personal levels.

During a content-creating process, you may find yourself torn between keeping up with customer reviews and putting original and different content out. That’s when you need to catch a breath and look for the bigger picture. Social media listening and monitoring is an ongoing job. It’s still growing and you can definitely find your place in it. Here’s how:

While expanding your business, it’s also essential to keep the bond with your old and loyal customers just as on day one. According to many sources such as Harvard Business Review, more and more companies turn to know loyal customers as it becomes a strong point to gain new ones.

To put it simply, they create a customer profile using the happy customers and do more of what they like. Yet, we can learn a lot from discontent customers as well. And if you like that data, Socialays assistant can detect the negative comments in seconds so you can pinpoint the problem. This creates a safe growing ground for you to know your customers better and map out a route for future business plans. Now, let’s look at the ways how you can start implementing these ideas!

1. Here Are Some Steps to Conduct Social Media Intelligence

As anyone in social media marketing would tell you, knowing the general reaction of your customers on social media is not enough for your business to grow to its potential. That’s why gathering info through social media intelligence has an important part in expanding your business. It combines the data analysis and its roots. So, you can see special patterns through it and use them next time. Why do customers choose or don’t choose your brand? How do they connect?

Today, we’ll talk through the contributions of using social media intelligence to you from day one. Before we dive into the subject, let us introduce you to our top seven that’ll get you the ultimate progression (and naturally succession).

Besides analyzing all the comments on your page, some platforms as Socialays, group this information into different parts to help you reroute when necessary.

With Socialays’ AI, you can not only read the reaction of the comments but also have a detailed insight into the proportions of negative, positive, and neutral comments. Sentiment Analysis is here for you to check your customer satisfaction at any time any place with the most accurate numbers.

Step 1: The Power Hidden in the Comments

No matter how much market research you get, the best and most trustworthy data you can use to improve your brand is the one coming directly from the customers, don’t you think? Socialays’ AI assistant analyzes the comments in seconds and categorizes them into 9 different emotional states. With an auto-categorize option you can choose, you can see happiness, hate, sadness, neutral, worry, fun, love, relief, and surprise in your customers’ comments. That way, you can always follow the customer reaction and prioritize a market strategy accordingly. With artificial intelligence in social media accounts, you get real-time notifications of the customers’ reactions to your posts and control your way of communicating with them more accurately.

Step 2: A Non-stop Assistant to Keep Your Area Nice and Clean

As a business owner, we know that you have your plate full with creating new content, thinking about upcoming trends related to your business, and many more. With real-time notifications, your business is in safe hands. Socialays keeps you both updated with recent comments on your posts and sorts out the hate speech and comments containing profanity. The instant AI reactions can auto-hide spam and ad contents and detect the harmful commentators that use profanity and hate speech.

Step 3: Growing Your Business Has Never Been This Easy and in Control

Many customers love the small talk and personal touch on their online shopping or any interaction. It’s kind of in human nature to love things that feel more familiar since it creates a comfortable and safe place for customers. However, that might be a little tricky if you have thousands or millions of followers. With time, there might be a gap in customer relations, but don’t worry. There is a solution for that.

To be aware of any discomfort or questions, real-time notifications keep your accounts in control and help you be in constant contact with your customers. Moreover, seeing the mentions and including them in your market plan is also a plus with an AI system.

Step 4: Know Your Strengths and Parts to Improve

When you use social media outlets to expand your business, it’s crucial to know where you’re doing the right moves and the wrong ones. A personalized social media plan means you have customized analysis just for your accounts and customer profile and not a general idea of what you should and shouldn’t do. Socialays’ Fully Optimized Interface creates a dashboard made exclusively for your needs. No more wasting time. From now on, you can just list your assistant according to sentiment/ emotion filters, getting reports on specific periods, discovering your best posts that had the most positive reaction, and your most loyal followers to create a profile.

Step 5: Don’t want to be Notified Every Second of the Day? It That Can Be Arranged

Customization in Socialays AI provides you with the information you need when and how you need them. With an already online business, it might be overbearing to be notified of each comment your last post gets. Because sometimes, you just need to unplug and get your creative side talking. Tell us your preferences.

Step 6: Know Who Follows You

There are a lot of things to consider when you use social media to expand your business, some of which:

  • keep in touch with old and new followers,
  • try to attract new followers every day
  • follow an original or influencer
  • do a trendy approach with your social media followers

Anyone in social media planning is aware of the value each of these brings to the business. The “Mentions” feature in an online assistant helps a lot as well.

Knowing who mentions you is the key to reaching out to new potential customers and expanding your market. You can find influencers who mentioned you positively and get down to business with them. Artificial intelligence in social media provides you to pinpoint your allies and things to be careful of.

Step 7: A Solid Search Engine Designed Just For You

Wondering about your biggest followers and potential business partners? The powerful Search Engine option helps you browse users without spending a lot of time on the internet and contact them for future business goals.

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2. How to Determine Your Social Media Intelligence?

Social media intelligence refers to a customized social media plan that underlines what your business needs and company strengths. The importance of knowing your strengths is that the more you make of them, the bigger your brand gets.

Along with your advantages, a business and brand owner should always lookout for new challenges. Examples are unsatisfied customers or repetitive negative comments that can ultimately have a bad impact on your market. Guessing the potential bumps in the road and taking care of them is the perfect way to guarantee successful brand growth.

In this day and age, even luxury and well-known brands use social media to stay relevant. It’s essential to be connected to the market and of course to customers. In one of his articles for Entrepreneur, Chris Porteous, the CEO of My SEO Sucks, also mentions that ‘‘Today, 97% of Fortune 500 companies rely on social media’’.

So, how should you decide which social media plan is the best one for your brand/ business?

– Know Your Brand and Customer Profile

Though all businesses and brands use social media one way or another, each has distinct ways to reach new customers. The way to communicate and get closer with followers therefore varies. If you’re a lipstick brand, you must know the upcoming influencers and have their collaborations to attract more customers. For example, when you produce handmade toys for babies and little kids, mom influencers should be on your list!

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– Use the Right Tools to See What’s Working and What’s Not

The best way to know whether your social media tool is working or not depends on the result. Artificial intelligence in social media can help you to:

  •  detect ads/ spam while you work
  • auto-hide hate speech and profanity
  • customized reports
  • track down your growth and strategize with accurate data

– Don’t Be Shy to Try New Things and Create Your Name

Businesses should not be afraid to explore new marketing strategies and should not rely only on old strategies. Businesses that try out new ways to reach their markets combined with solid data more often than not become successful. Because creating a customized system and market plan for your brand is what makes it different from others.

Getting Creative with Socialays’ Platform

Once you know your strengths and see those working, you’ll be ready to expand your market even further. That’s the advantage of social media intelligence. Using artificial intelligence in social media helps companies to secure a solid ground and adapt to new markets.

You can always try out our free trial which helps you meet your AI assistant and work wonders in just 14 days. With a simple sign-up here, you’re ready to start anew with Socialays!

In Closing

Each day, the trends in social media intelligence change and progress. There are indeed a lot of variables that create new trends. Most of the time, they lead customers’ way of shopping by using their interests, hobbies, and values. AI-based social media assistants, such as Socialays keep you updated and informed about your customer satisfaction. With nine different categories in emotion analysis, auto-hiding unwanted comments, and more, Socialays provides real-time data to clients.

The collective tools in Socialays include the ever-changing social media patterns and come with a clear social media plan to carry on.

Compatible with four different social media sites (Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram) Socialays AI-based social media assistant is surely going to become your new favorite business partner. We check every comment and categorize them thoroughly in your best interest, creating a clean comment section for your brand.

Do you want to analyze your social media comments with Socialays? You can start using it for Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram right now!

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