Socialays reads all your comments in seconds and:

Simplicity in reading your Social Media Comments.

Socialays’s AI helps you to understand your social media comments better, faster and guides you to make more accurate decisions with only one platform.
Socialays reads all of your comments and messages in seconds and;
“Sentiment Analyzes” auto-categorize under “positive,” “negative,” and “neutral” polarity with the highest accuracy in the market.
“Emotion Analyzes” in 9 categories; hate, happiness, sadness, neutral, worry, fun, love, relief, and surprise.
Detects “questions” and “spam/ad content.”
Social Network Management

Looking for someone who will keep an eye on your social media?

You cannot analyze and react to your comments while sleeping or driving your car, but Socialays can do it precisely on your behalf.
Auto-hide “hate speech” and profanity in real-time.
Block the followers using “hate speech” and profanity.
Auto-hide “spam/ad content”.
AI Personal Assistant

Get Real-Time Notifications

Socialays identifies critical issues and alerts you immediately according to your custom settings and needs.
Notifications for “hate speech.”
Get alerts for profanity and spam/ad content comments.
Listen to your followers & never miss an important question.
Track your mentions instantly.
Best Virtual Assistant AI

Easy & Effective

Unlike other complex and difficult-to-use social media management systems, Socialays provides you with a clean, simple, easy-to-use dashboard.
You can list and filter your comments, posts, and mentions by:
Specific time period
Sentiment Filter
Emotion Filter
Comments containing questions or inquiries
Comments with Spam or Ad-Content
Hidden/Deleted comments
Track your:
Most liked post
Most commented post
Most positively/negatively commented post
Most commenting follower
Most positively/negatively commenting follower
Social Media Management Service

Custom Settings

We know it’s hard to deal with so many notifications or see too many of them at the same time. Socialays provides easily adjustable settings which are optimized for your needs and the “connected account.”
Here is what you can adjust with Socialays:
Setting auto-hiding “hate speech” comments that also allows when auto-hide will be performed
Report Type and Period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
Notification Settings
Auto Block Settings
Social Media Management Companies

Easily follow up who mentions you.

One unique feature about Socialays is that it not only shows who mentions you but also notifies you if a negative mention is made about you!

Filter your “mentions” into Positive, Negative, Neutral, Question, and Spam categories.
Social Media Content Management

Robust, Powerful, and Smart

Do you need to search for a phrase or follower across all the social media accounts?
While it is not possible to perform a search in social media channels, Socialays universal search ultimately searches across all the social media accounts that the user has. The search result is a semantically ranked list that keeps hierarchical links such as post-comments enabling users to navigate easily.
Sentiment Analysis
Late reaction is not a “reaction”
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