How did we arrive here?

Our journey on artificial intelligence (AI) started in 2007 with multi-lingual text. At that time, we were extracting meaning out of legal text written in 24 European Languages. We worked on very challenging tasks such as argumentation mining, question answering, natural language inference, legal text summarization, and ontology-based information extraction. These challenges enabled us to build the scalable social media solutions that we have today.

At the beginning of 2019, we were worked with a social media agency that wasn’t happy with its social media analytics offerings. After analyzing these offerings, we found that the accuracy provided by these platforms was quite low. We first started by analyzing our own social media accounts using our AI Platform, and the results were impressive! Finally, we began to build up a product from which any user could benefit.

Scalable online social media assistant

Being the best social media management platform, Socialays helps you rethink how you integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights for better decision-making. Our online social media assistant is a wide-ranging tool that can be deployed and managed efficiently.

AI social media marketing tool

Our social media organizer automatically categorizes comments into positive, negative, and neutral also hate speech. Socialays is the best social media management tool that anyone can use. Our online social media assistant heavily focuses on the negative content in your social media accounts.

Flawless social media solution for negative content

When marketing your products through social media, you will typically get positive and negative comments from both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. The toxic remarks in your posts, when left unaddressed, turn back your customers affecting your marketing goals. Socialays is the ideal social media solution that helps you switch to AI social media marketing.

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