Easy, Simple and Clever

Use sentiment analysis to track changes
in how audience feels about you over time.

Screen with socialays icon and a social media insight report statistics from within the socialays web app 
Socialays icon and dashboard screen UI in socialays web app 
User Experience Easy & Effective

Unlike other complex and difficult-to-use social media management systems, Socialays provides you with a clean, simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Comment analysis UI design on socialays web app 
Dashboard Read and manage your comments in one simple page

Rather than going under all the posts one by one to read and manage your comments, Socialays lists all your comments on the same page.

Easy Access to Comments Easy Access to Comments

Read and manage all your comments from a single page

Delete Comments Delete All Comments

Delete all comments of a specific user with one click.

Comment Status UI design on socialays web app
Dashboard Want to filter your audience’s sense?

With sentiment filter in Socialays, you can filter and list your comments, posts, and mentions by their sentiment.

Sentiment Filter

List and filter your comments, posts, and mentions by their sentiment.

Question Filter

Just filter your comments contain question with a single click.

Spam Filter

Detect spam comments with Socialays' spam filter

Comment Status UI design on socialays web app 
Dashboard Reply to comments faster than anyone

Filter your comments containing questions with a single click.

socialays icon with social media channels icons describe socialys master search feature
Socialays Mentions Icons
Mentions Easily follow up mentions

One unique feature about Socialays is that it not only shows mentions about you also categorizes them by their sentiment.

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